Prostrate cancer and ckd stage 3

Within the last 2 weeks I was diagnosed with CKD stage 3 and prostrate cancer . My energy levels are zero and I'm aware what I eat influences the pain levels in my joints.

Is there anyone else out there with similar?

My legs are always itchy.

Are there others going through this .?

Have you found something that works for you.?

I am eating a vegetarian diet to remove animal proteins

I have not yet seen a nephrologist till the cancer tests have been done and know nothing about ckd

Thanks stephen

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oldestnewest is a good site for menus with ckd im 3a ckd and have cut out a lot of foods that I used to eat ..I also get itching if I eat what I call normal foods everyones different so I guess along the way you will find what suits you...theres so much to understand about it all...but davita give good recipes and good information also downloads for cookery recipes...good luck with it..lilllyrae...


A lot of people have been cured using Rick Smpsons advice on youtube-of course the pharmaceutical industries won't like it..


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