Need urgent information on GFR Value

My husband is diabetic and is diagnosed with CKD stage 3. His eGFR was 59, but recent

test shows it is 44.

We are extremely depressed. His S. Creatinine was 1.2 in Nov 2013 and in Jan 2014

it was 1.4

We were travelling during Christmas/New Year and therefore there was a change in his

diet. He missed his walk and still could not get back to it. His systolic BP is around 155-162

but diastolic is most of the time around 60 - 80. Mostly below 80.

Is there anyway the eGFR can improve? I was checking the net and it said that the GFR

is non-reversible and there is no way it can improve

Please let me know if I am wrong.


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  • Hello, I am stage 3b and my kidney function goes up and down and can range between 43 and 37. The consultant didn't know why it went up and down but after a few blood tests he has decided this is normal for me. I think diet has a lot to do with it.

  • if egfr is 44 that means the the function is 44% egfr can go up & down & can vary from day to day my husband is on dialysis & even on that some months it can be 6 next month 8 dialysis only gives about 5% so he has about 1 to 3 % left of his own! when he was ill 4 years ago it would change from 22 ,35,20,16 so it can alter try not to worry this always seems to make things worse just go back to a healthy diet & exercise & hopefully things will improve for him , my mum also has problems she was stage 3 now improved again back to stage 2 we also met a lady who was about to start dialysis & she also improved enough to not have to astart & she said that had been about 3 years ago! hope this helps set your mind at rest

  • I have PKD (polycystic kidney disease) I have had several blood tests over the last year and my GFR has ranged from 63 to 77. Drinking water often increases the GFR. I discovered this one time when the queue for the blood test was an hour and drank a small (kids size) bottle of water while I was waiting. My GFR jumped 7 points on that occasion. I mentioned this to my nephrologist and he confirmed that the bottle of water had probably caused the increase and he reminded me how important it is to keep well hydrated. Ensure you speak to a nephrologist as GPs are not experts on chronic kidney disease. Good luck

  • Hi there, sorry to hear that you feel depressed about this. I completely understand, and hope I can give you reason for optimism. I was diagnosed with CKD Stage 3 a couple of years ago, which came as a big shock to me. I have an underactive thyroid, but otherwise keep fairly healthy, with good diet and exercise. My GFR readings were in the 50's for a couple of years, but on my last test it shot up to 78!! It might not be the case for everyone, (and I know mine might go down again) but I do think it is possible to improve your GFR.

    I think diet is very important - I increased my fruit and veg intake even more, and cut out red meat completely. I recommend porridge for breakfast, which has all sorts of health benefits. I have lost over a stone in weight, and gone from being 'overweight' to a 'normal' BMI. Any improvement in diet or exercise is worth a try. Don't give up hope as GFR readings may go up and down, but it isn't always a downward trend.

  • Thanks a lot for all the response I got. My husband is complaining of pain in the leg.i do not know what to give him. He cannot take any pain killers. Can someone help with this.

    He feels v weak and has very low energy. He is also thinking of the disease all the time and that makes me feel very depressed. I do not know what we can do to stop the disease from progressing.

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