Hi, have been getting palpitations and fluttering sensations for a while now so had one of those mini ecg's that you take home and use for a

week, that came back normal (even though I got many palpitations while wearing it) and also keep getting headaches all the time. GP says nothing to do with Kidney disease as stage 3 kidney disease doesn't have any symptoms :/ Anyone else have similar experience?

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  • Hi i have ckd stage 3 and yes i get palpitations and fast heart beat. Ecgs and heart scan ok but seeing the cardiologist this week after a six month wait. Was supposed to be an urgent referral requested by the liver specialist. I am however on a lot of medications as i have had a liver transplant so may be that. Also get swelling in feet and ankles and lightheadedness. Now headaches too. Any similarities anyone?

  • Hi Anitarichards I have just found out that I have c k d 3 and have just joined this group I noticed that you say you have had a liver transplant can I ask you what caused your liver failure ?The reason being I have a disease called primary billery cirrhosis of the liver it is an autoimune problem I was just wondering if the two are connected .As for the symptoms I have all the above but I also have hypothyroidism,and Aniemia that doesn't seem to improve with tablets .

  • Hi poppygayle

    Had the liver transplant due to accute liver failure thought to be due to seronegative autoimmune hepatitis. I didnt have the ckd or high blood pressure before transplant, these are caused by the immunesuppressant drugs. Did however have hypothyroid beforehand and also psoriases both autoimmune conditions. I am on iron tablets for anaemia. Please ask if you would like any more info.


  • Thank you Anitarichards for your reply.hope your keeping well as can be don't know about you but some days I feel quite ill I don't know what symptoms belong to what disease and try not to visit docs to often in case they label me an hypocondriact .x

  • Hi poppygale

    Know what you mean. I do have a brilliant gp, but what with other conditions and side effects from tablets its difficult to know when you should be pushing about something and when to put up with it.

    Like you don't want to be seen as hypochondriac.

    Hope your feeling bit better soon.


  • I hear that stage 3 CKD does not have symptoms but in reality, some people do. My present GP was the only doctor who accepted I was at stage 3 and feeling ill. She helped me to manage the symptoms with pain killers but I still have headaches, feel dizzy, sick, breathless, get very tired and have trouble walking.

    If you are feeling poorly, don't let anyone fob you off with, 'you don't get symptoms at stage 3.'

    You are the only person who really knows how you feel ! Find a doctor who listens to their patient as an individual and not as a page out of a textbook.

    Best of luck ....

  • I used to get the headaches and slight dizziness and it turned out after keep pestering the gp . I requested to see a different GP and guess what they knew a bit more about renal stuff and worked out it was due to my blood pressure being out of control , so see someone different or ask at the surgery is there someone who has had more background of renal .

  • you can get symptoms in stage 3 my husband had high BP headaches swollen ankles itching & tiredness so don't let them fob you off by saying that some people don't get any symptoms even at end stage 5 everyone is different, the heart monitors don't seem to work very well in my opinion my mum & auntie had one & it did'nt show anything on my moms yet she had atrial fibrilation & has since had a pacemaker!

  • i believe anemia can cause palpitations and i now i suffered with them when my potassium level was too low

  • Haha ckd3 no we get nothing don't we , I get the fluttering palpitations , headaches swollen hands and feet feeling sick, tiredness oh and kidney pain , but I think or I know the doctors don't have a clue , just be aware they don't give you loads of drugs ,my doctor told me to be honest ,i really don't know how to treat you ,my advice to you is buy a blood pressure monitor ,I got one for £10 on eBay just to keep your mind at rest , look into your diet ,I find chic makes me palsate , but I go by what my body tells me

  • I agree with my fellow CKD3's, I get palpitations, headaches and have days where I feel sick all day for no apparent reason. Fortunately my GP has checked that there are no other reasons for these symptoms. Would be a good idea to get a blood pressure monitor as kirstie suggests, and keep pestering your doctor to look into any symptoms that are worrying you. Don't let them fob you off! Best of luck xx

  • I have PKD , keeping BP regular, 15 years since diagnosis and starting to see changes in blood work, will find out more soon as to where I am in the progression. I know reading everyones comments can be good I really don't want to be so focused on all this, we need to live our lives with caution to preserve our function as long as we can but also be happy & free to live as we are today!

  • Well said,I believe that often when people are told that their kidneys are not functioning as they should they worry so much that other symptoms appear because if the stress,if we did not know we were stage 3 I am sure we would feel better! While our kidneys are at stage 3 maybe it is best to just keep hydrated,eat small amounts of meat,preferably no red and no aspirin or anti inflammatory drugs. Then get on with life and don't worry.

  • AnnyD I started getting the palpitations long before I was told I had CKD so nothing to do with stressing or worrying.about the disease as I don't tend to do that anyway....just would like to speak to a doctor who for once knew what he was talking about :/

  • Thankyou for all your replies....its been very helpful to know so many other people getting same symptoms at stage 3.

  • Stage 3 has no symptoms for SOME people. It certainly does have symptoms for others.

    Everyone is different and I don't think some doctors fully apreciate that.

    My first doctor sent me for a number of tests to 'see what else was wrong with me.' Only to find that there was nothing else wrong me and it must therefore be my ckd that was causing them.

    From reading and talking with others, there are many people who have a number of the symptoms associated with the later stages.

    It's your body, not your doctors. If you have symptoms then you have symptoms!

    My new doctor is far more apreciative of that and did all she could to help.

    If there are other doctors at your surgery why not try seeing another if you feel it might help.

  • I have been getting palpitations and flutterings, I have pkd and I take blood pressure and cholesteral tablets, I am at stage 3, 35% kidney function. I noticed it when it is warm/hot weather that I suffer with it. I do suffer a lot with headaches. My renal doctor told me to stop taking my bp tablets for 5 days and then start again. last year he decided to reduce my bp medication.

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