Shortness of breath

I am hopeing someone can help. I have breathing difficulties breathing when I do most activites and my muscles hurt badly. The last time I saw my kidney doctor he said it wasn't my ckd (gfr 22) he said there was something else going on. Today I saw lung specialist and predictably I have to go down the ct scan route. He did say that as I was going on a plane befooore I saw him again he told me to make sure there was oxygen on board. Does anyone else have these problem?

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  • Hi I'm a ckd3 , I have one kidney which was blocked had op to unblock ,after op for a long time had a shortness of breath ,still do ,also have muscle pain its like I've over exercised , I think with doc's they don't know ,my doctor told me , I really don't have a clue how to treat you , really gives me hope , I just listen to my own body ,hope that helps a little

  • hi kirstie I have exactly the same problem. I only have one working kidney I'm stage 4. My gp and kidney doc tell me that my symptoms have nothing to do with kidney disease, I become very distressed about it, I go to gp every 6 weeks and kidney doc every 3 months and still they say my symptoms are nothing to do with ckd. I know this doesn't help you but maybe knowing there are others out here having the same probs may help

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