too much liquid hard on the kidneys?

I read somewhere on the internet that drinking too much fluid wears out the kidneys prematurely. Is this true? I`m asking this because Iv`e always been fond of tea & coffee, & we are advised to keep hydrated. How much is too much for the kidneys to handle? My kidneys are fine at the moment, but I`m wondering if I`m doing them damage by drinking as much as I do.

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  • Hi There, Coffee is worse than tea but both contain caffeine Tea contains caffeine and other active substances which can increase the blood pressure and heartbeat. If patients really want to drink tea, green tea is a good choice which contains less caffeine and more tea polyphenol. Tea polyphenoal can not only eliminate the effects of caffeine but also has the function of diuresis. Therefore kidney failure patients can have tea but should avoid strong tea and green tea is a good choice. Coffee can increase blood pressure and cholesterol, aggravate arteriosclerosis. Too much intake of coffee will cause quick increase of cortisol and epinephrine which will worsen kidney failure. What is more, coffee will cause sleep disorder and this will further lower the immunity.

  • what you say makes a lot of sense - and I can certainly identify with the "lack of sleep" (the hot weather), which has lowered my immune system, and I am suffering from bad rashes all over - not nice!

    I understand that we take in quite a bit of fluids without realising it - from foods we eat. I was also told that - as a rough guide- 2 litres of fluids/day is about right; that, of course, includes tea & coffee. I know how many cups of tea I am going to have (and I am having herbal - i.e. camomile), and I measured my tumbler, so I can fill a jug with my daily allowance and stick it in the fridge. I have found that is the best way to regulate my fluid intake.

  • I was told by renal consultant that it is important not to let our kidneys dry out, so I too was told to drink 2 ltrs a day, but clear liquids not tea or coffee.

  • Coffee and cola are a no go , but minimum of 2 litres per day is a guide , your kidneys clean your blood so just reducing your liquids will not help , you need to control your diet and remove salt , reduce potassium and phosphate rich foods to help keep your kidney functioning. I used to drink 4 litres of fluid a day pre dialysis no problem as your system will still pass the fluids. Even on dialysis tea is ok to drink even when my fluid allowance is now 1 litre

  • I love my coffee. What about decaf?

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