kidney disease

hey, i amt twenty three years old and was just diagnosed with a failed kidney on my right side. i noticed that my hair been thinning more noticably and i have been having huge breakouts on my chin. is this normal to experience something like this with one failed kidney? and will my hair and hormones eventually go back to normal after surgery? just wondering thanks

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  • have u been stressing about this, a lot of my hair fell out last year, no cause found probobly stress related, due to illness, i have been using virgin coconut oil once a week and it has grew back thicker than ever and really shiney, just massage it into ur hair and scalp leave 4 an hour and wash out, and if u can get someone 2 do it 4 u all the better 2 relax u, i have also been taking biotin which is good 4 hair growth, hope this helps,

  • I havnt been getting hair loss yet but since diagnosis of ckd 3 I have a very tender sore scalp. I just wondered if this could be the disease..

  • Hi I'm a ckd3 , with only one kidney , don't know when I killed mine , was told at 19 yrs that it wasn't working very well and was the size of a walnut, the other kidney got blocked 5 yrs ago at the age of 39 , which I had an op to sort out , I'm now 44 and doing OK , I've been told it won't last forever ,but I try not to think about it , I wouldn't say hair loss is anything to do with it , but I'm not a books , all I wanted to say is , you can live a normal life , I have had 2 kids and was a jockey for a number of years , wouldn't recommend contact sport but hayho

  • I'm 18 and ended up on dialysis suddenly last year, lots of my hair fell out at the time because of malnutrition (I was super ill) and the fact any nutrients were going to areas my body considered more important, keeping them in better shape rathyer than my hair. It might not be the same, but just wanted to say don't panic - mine's all growing back to it's former thickness :)

  • Hi, I would agree that the hair problem may be related to stress or to some other health issue. Hair loss or loss of hair condition is one of the first indicators of a poor diet and blood problems, but if your bloods are ok then I would just make sure you live a healthy life, eat and sleep well, get out and about when you can and see friends and family, all good for stress reduction. Suexx

  • yes it is very difficult problem to face this illness but we best to fight it

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