Acute Renal Failure

I am asking for advice on behalf of my brother who was dx with ACR 3 weeks ago as a result of prostate problems. He was admitted with I believe a creatinine of 2,000+ which has come down to 570 with an egfr of 45. What does this mean? He was discharged on Monday with a line & catheter in circumstances akin to wacky races. We are going from being told things will improve after the prostate operation and then as the creatinine has hardly changed from 570 in 3 weeks further improvement is unlikely. Yesterday he was visited by someone from Renal unit who talked about the need for a fiscular, dialysing at home etc all within 3 days of discharge from hospital. Any ideas, advice that anyone could give would be wonderful. We are at our wits end to try and help him.

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  • Hi. Think there may be some confusion around the creatinine figures - I am now at stage 5 CKD and my creatinine levels are 320 with an EGFR of 14%. I would imagine that if creatinine levels were 2,000+ your brother's kidneys would have failed and, dare I say it, he would not be with us anymore. It sounds as if they are getting him ready for haemodialysis which is why he will need a fistular fitted. My understanding is that you need to undergo haemodialysis in a hospital 3 times a week and once they are happy that he can operate the machinery and everything that goes with it properly they will arrange for a machine to be installed at home which will give him much more control over his life. I would strongly suggested that you take a look at the national kidney federation web site (easy to google) and have a read through the information on that website. There is also a patient info line that you can call with queries. Research as much as you can and if necessary see if there is a renal counsellor available to talk to your brother and the rest of the family members and ask as many questions as you can think of. Best of luck x

  • I agree with Viviola. x

  • yes i agree with viviola that is stage 5 & the need for dialysis my husbands was 608 when he started & his egfr was 6% even on dialysis it only ever improved at first to 450 that is a big shock for you all find out as much as you can to help its a lot to take in good luck

  • I can't add anything to viviola's reply, get as much info as you can. You will find that once dialysis starts you can ask the staff in the renal department about the procedure, I always found them very helpful, and they will direct you to someone who can answer your queries if they can't. It's all very baffling and worrying at the start, but once you get to know the department, and talk to the staff and the other patients, things start to fall into place. Best wishes to you xx

  • Many thanks for all your replies. I will try and go with him to the Renal Department. They have certainly performed a miracle and yes we were told a creatinine of 2,000 + andhe is still very much with us although now on 3x a week dialysis. He is trying to come to terms with it all. A great shock for us all. Once again many thanks. This is a very helpful site.

  • There is normally always someone on here that can help if he is worried about something or just needs to chat, or if you need to ask questions and talk. It is a huge thing to get used to (luckily I am not having to deal with that at the moment), but we all have our worries and questions. This is a fab site with wonderful people.

    Please give him our best and tell him that it will get better as he gets into a routine and they something that suits him. I think you said he has a line at the moment?? Maybe the fistula will make things easier for him xxx

    Thinking of you all x

  • Try anything before reaching dialysis stage like stem cell therapy, Chinese/Indian medicine.

    My GFR is 37 and I am doing stem cell treatment in India.

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