eGFR 47 and RF 30-are they connected????

I was diagnosed with stage 3a ckd in April and my eGFR readings have dropped from 57(in October 2012) to 53 to 51 to 49 to 48(May 2013).Another blood test for rheumatoid factor came back raised at 30. Dr trying to find cause of ckd. Could this RF level be the cause or a result of the ckd.Do not have arthritis or any symptom(I am only 45 ) with no other risk factors that could explain this kidney disease. Without a cause how can the decline be stopped as nnot far to go now until stage 3b is reached.

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  • Control of your diet is a starting point , avoiding salts , processed foods , ready meals, cola, coffee. Talk to the local dietician they will have access to your blood results and will be able to help you know , which other food groups to reduce according to your results . Keep active

  • Hi there,

    I have stage 3 ckd, and my BP is very hard to control - interested about your advice on diet. I avoid salt, processeds, ready meals, and cola, however - I do drink a lot of Tea (English you see) -- why should I avoid Tea/Coffee?

  • Coffee is the one to avoid it dehydrates you along with being high in values that make it hard for your kidneys to process , Tea is ok

  • Hi there

    your readings are rather similar to mine. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 CKD in Feb of this year. So far since last May 2012 my readings follow as 52GFR, November 2012 - 50GFR, had two tests in Feb of this year @ 51GFR then 55GFR, now in May 2013 its currently @ 48GFR. My Dr referred me to a nephrologist, and my first appoiintment is in a few weeks time.

    Have your GP referred you yet?

    I am not sure about your other health condition being related, but sure someone with more experience of this will know.

    My GP thinks my CKD may be down to long term High Blood Pressure (yet controlled).

    I am in the UK (South Wales), are you also in the UK?

    (I'm 44 years old by the way) x

  • Hi,

    Its good to hear from someone in the same position as me-this ckd came as a big shock.

    Yes have seen a renal consultant as need to have abdominal surgery next week (unrelated ) and the anaesthetist wanted a renal evaluation first as I have no predisposing factors. Renal cons did 13 blood tests which is how the RF was picked up but my next appointment isn't till sept.

    I am in the south east of England.

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