Hi everyone. I have ADPKD stage 3 renal failure last GFR 34 and just done a creatinine clearance which was 40. Now have breast cancer too,

just wondered if there is anyone out there in a similar position. I had a partial mastectomy 4 weeks ago and am now on arimadex tablets starting radiotherapy soon. Also had an echo cardiogram today before starting Herceptin next week.

best regards christine x

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  • Only advice I can give is don't panic!! You can stay at stage 3 for quite a while by looking after yourself. Watch our diet. I wish you luck with your treatment and please keep us up to date with houw you get on xxx Sorry I can't give you anymore advice, but hopefully there will be someone on here with some x

  • Thanks Googie, it is nice to know i have people out there who understand x

  • Hello Christine, I think I'm beginning to find my way around on here. I have just read your profile and can sympathise and empathise over the CKD and breast cancer, having been there. Thanks for your helpful comments in answer to my first post a few weeks ago. I hope you are doing well now.



  • Hi Penny

    Thank you for your kind words, I am doing great from the breast cancer side of things. 2 years clear and still keeping fingers crossed. I am pretty stable on the renal failure last GFR 41 so quite pleased with that. My major problem is flank and side pain on the right side, possibly due to large cysts pressing on nerves. I am just trialling pregabalin which seems to be helping.

    If I can help you in any way do not hesitate to contact me.

    Best wishes


  • Bless you. Your really going through the mill arn.t you?? I was diagnosed with cervical cancer on my 40 th birthday!! I 65 next week. The radiation back then was nit si advanced& now my bladder has gone& my bowels are giving so much pain.and all the nerve pain. S are dreadful! Take care. X

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