Unsure CKD stage 3

I have just been told that am in stage 3 CKD with no cause.My blood egfr are dropping by 8 in4 months and am now down to egfr 50. Gp says no need to monitor until in stage 4 and can't stop the deterioration. My question is why can't the cause be at least tried to be found. I am 45 with no predisposing factors i.e not diabetic,no high bp etc, shouldn't gp refer to get a clear picture of what is going on but she won't.

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  • Hi,

    I know exactly how you feel, and why you are concerned. When this happened to me, I became worried that my GP didn't care, or wouldn't due to costs, etc. But, one day when I felt more confident to mention it during another appointment, my GP explained that as we get older, so certain things begin to deteriorate just like we begin to feel more aches & pains. I asked what the significance of the results were, and was told it just reflected a likelihood of future kidney problems, like stones or gradual issues in that whole department. I'm still not sure if I was being fobbed-off, but I'm still here, and that conversation was around 8-9 years ago. I am checked annually, and always receive a copy of my results (I ask for these). You will probably be checked regularly, to see what the results show, and I'm sure if there's anything amiss, they will do something about it. I'm no expert on these things, just a fellow patient with similar experiences. So, I just thought you'd like to know you aren't alone. Good Luck for the future. Tearsofaclown.

  • I couldn't have explained it any better than (above) don't worry , like Tearsofaclown explained things deteriorate as you get older its quite normal . It is a very slow process so I wouldn't expect instant kidney failure is just round the corner ! Just think what you eat and drink because at some point it will go thru your kidneys . All I'm saying is its now you just need to take just a little bit more care of them, they should last a bit longer then . I'm on Dialysis and my diet is pretty strict , this is to help preserve the 8% of kidney function I have left, I do ok with it and it takes a bit of getting used to but after time you do get used to knowing what you can eat and what is kind to your kidneys and what isn't . You'll be fine just read up about what foods are kind for the kidneys . Hope this helps :-)

  • The GPs and nephrologists have no cure. Try stem cell therapy

  • This sadly is not available or licenced in the UK as yet

  • I can't add much to the replies above, I am CKD 3a, and I'm monitored yearly. I can recommend a couple of books, 'Living Well with Kidney Failure' by Juliet Auer, and 'Kidney Failure Explained' by Dr Andy Stein and Janet Wild RGN (this one is recommended by the NKF)You may be able to borrow these or get them second hand from Amazon. Best wishes to you xx

  • You can get advice free from these people .http://www.kidney.org.uk/

    Don't over stress yourself about it , it is a long time between 50% and 15% which is the point when they talk dialysis, Enjoy your life and be sensible , Simple guide reduce salts and lower potassium foods in your diet lower dairy foods . Keep a good varied diet plenty fresh fruit helped me . Watch coffee, cola and high milk drinks .

    There are so many different factors that can cause kidney failure , if you not got a specific decease that has caused it then , it is harder for them to pin point .

    Take care and enjoy .

  • I am in India now. I have CKD stage 3, planning to stem cell treatment.Ask me 2 weeks after.

  • This sounds very interesting and would be great to know if it works. Please let us know how you get on x

  • I was at 40% almost 20 years ago and I am now stage 4 at 20%, so please like pluto94 says, you have a long way to go and even longer if you look after yourself. Don't let your blood pressure get to high and not too much processed food. the less work your kidneys have to do, the longer they wil last xx

  • just want to say, that the only reason i went down was because I got a blockage in my the tube between my kidney and bladder and got a terribel infection (which i ignore because i was scared and hoped it would go away) x

  • I also have stage 3 CKD and have done for several years. I believe it was caused by the untreated high blood pressure I had for years and atherosclerosis as I have severe CAD. I have read that it can be caused in women by the contrast dye used in an angiogram. I am on my GPs kidney register and have 6 monthly blood tests. I don't think they can do much except monitor it .X

  • Hi I'm a CKD 3 with one kidney ,which was completely blocked 5 yes ago ,had an op to sort it , I'm doing OK ,so don't worry ,my grfe has been 43 for the last 5 years , it has now gone up to 57 ,we don't know why , I know we all over think this , but I just go by what my body tells me , which tells me more than the docs ,

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