Someone showed this to me today i didn't get the author but i'm sure we can all relate to it4 Hours 3 Times a Week

Dialysis in the morning is the place to be

When you don't have a working kidney

Tired faces fill up the room

Hoping they will be on very soon

Alarms going off left, right and centre

Nurses run at a steady canter

Four hours dialysis is a very long time

When we get home it is nap time

Some people sleep, some people read

For dialysis is tiring, agreed ?

Patients are staring at the clock

3 hours left that's quite a lot

4 hours with needles in my arm

I try not to move it as the machine will alarm

My machine is my friend as it keeps me alive

If i could i would give it a high-five

The sounds of the machine sloshing and whirring

Sounds like these just keep on occurring

Crisp packets rustling, nurses chatting

All this cake and coffee is awfully fattening

If you have a spare kidney please may i have it

For dialysis is tough and i want to kick the habit

3 Replies

  • This was published in the Kidneylife mag latest issue it is by Jessica Sinden who is partner to a dialysis patient its on page 19 of the magazine.

  • Thanks mrspick, that just about sums up life on dialysis nice poem.

  • Really appreciated the poem. It makes you realise you arent alone!

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