pregnancy and dialysis-but a happy ending

I have allports syndrone which causes renal failure, hearing and sight loss and it is a genetic problem I have had since birth. Since about the age of 7 I have been on blood pressure tablets to help my kidneys and they seemed to potter along doing there job ok for me. When I was 19 I became pregnant for the first time. I got to 16 weeks pregnant and was feeling quite sick and tired all the time then I got a phone call one evening from the midwife asking if I could go in the next day for a repeat blood test. That was on the Monday evening. Tuesday morning I went into the local PANDA ward and the midwife asked if I knew why I was here and she broke the news that my kidneys had failed and I couldnt go home, so I called my fiance in tears and my mum and asked them to bring my stuff in. Wednesday I got taken to theatre and had a neckline inserted and Thursday I started dialysis. I diaysed everyday til the following Saturday for 3 hours and was then allowed to go home and had a break on the Sunday. Monday I started diaysis 6 days a week til I got to 33 weeks. During that time i had two blood transfusions and weekly scans of bub but we were both doing ok. I also had two av fistulas formed in my left arm-the first failed but the second went strong and I got my neckline taken out soon after I gave birth. At 33 weeks my first beautiful little girl came into the world-naturally and although she was only 3lbs she was fine and strong with no health problems and once she'd gained weight we could take her home! I still had to have diaysis 3 times a week for 4 hours but that was ok. Then I switched to CAPD and PD but then in Dec 2008 on the same day I'd conceived my first 2 years before I fell pregnant again and had my PD catheter removed and started back on dialysis 6 days a week for 4 hours through my av fistula and managed to get to 34 and a half weeks until doctors said it would be dangerous to go any further because my iron levels were getting low so my second beauty came into the world at 4.1lbs and she was as healthy as my first and that much better for going just that extra week. I went back on PD after 12 weeks but around xmas 2011 I noticed PD wasnt really working out for me. I was struggling with the deliveries and had had lots of infections and my weight was creeping up and up. I switched back to hemo but with a neckline this time as my trusty old fistula had failed just a few weeks before and am now having dialysis 3 times a week for 4 and a half hours. I've lost about 26kgs and feel so much better for it. My monthly bloods are coming back better than ever and hopefully this time next year I will have a kidney! My girls are happy and healthy and the best things I have ever achieved in my life and all the tears and hard times, the stress and worry have all been worth it. I know just how lucky I am and know how easily things could have been much much different for me. Good luck to anyone who is diaysing and pregnant. I hope everything goes ok.

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  • I saw a program a few weeks ago about a pregnant transplant patient, she had a bad time and she got itching which drove her mad and she had to go back on dialysis but she persevered and she gave birth at about 33 weeks. When the program finished it gave an up date and said her transplanted kidney kicked back in after she had given birth absolutaly amazing.

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  • Dialysis is a treatment for bleak kidney failure. Whereas the kidneys are no longer working efficiently, waste products besides liquid create up in the blood. Dialysis steals across a serving of the activity of the failing kidneys to depose the fluid moreover waste.


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  • I think pregnancy is a difficult stage one must take good care in that period.

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  • I am really sorry for you. You have been through some of the hardest times of a persons life that too at an early stage. This article will help out many people who are facing the same situation to decide what can be done to get over the condition. I really liked the post shared here.

  • I think preganancy is a serious issue and should be taken seriously.

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