Hello there everyone my name is Rebecca I’m new to this and wanted to introduce myself, I’m from Bronx ny but live in Amarillo Texas, I’ve been on dialysis since July 10th of this year! Where are all of from and how long on dialysis?

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  • Hi Rebecca -- Although I'm not on dialysis, I am a stage 3 CKD patient. Originally from Sunnyside Gardens, Queens in New York, I now live in North Central Florida. My three aunts lived together on Morris Avenue in the Bronx. I am 86 years old.

    Judy K.

  • Hey!! A fellow New Yorker!! We lived in Mott Haven Bronx!! We now live in Texas but are so ready to move back east!! We are waiting for our son to graduate in May to actually make the move!! New York is home for us!!

  • Hello! I'm Jennifer, from Richmond, VA. Been on dialysis since May '16. This is unfortunately not my first time on dialysis. I am 34yo.

  • Well hi Jennifer nice to meet you! Sorry you have to go through this to!! But we are warriors

  • Hey Rebecca!!!! I am also from New York (upstate) and now live outside of Lubbock, tx for 16 years now!!! Can we chat about all the food we might be missing that you cant find down here???!!! I am actually post transplant 28 years now. I had mine at Albany medical center. I hope all is going well for you.

  • Wow!! Congrats to you!! Yes I miss all of that good food!! But being puertorican I throw down cooking for my family!! I just got my letter yesterday for kidney transplant I was placed on list!! I’m thrilled

  • Thats awesome!!!! Yes im italian and there are not very many places here around lubbock for that kind of food. Just chain restaurants. So i cook it now and then but its alot of work for 2 of us and he is a meat and potatos tx boy so its not his favorite thing. I believe there is a TRIO group that meets up in amarillo once a month. Im not sure if they still do or not. If you dont already go i think it would be very informative for you. I can find out.

  • That sounds great!!

  • Amarillo: TRIO (Transplant Recipients International Organization) Meets at the Coffee Memorial Blood Center, Conference Room A, 7500 W. Wallace Blvd. at 6:30 pm on the last Tuesday of each month. For more information, please contact Dave Courtney at 806-291-0295.

    Here it is. I need to call so i can see if its still going on but im gonna try to go this month but im thinking they wont have one on halloween

  • Oh thank you very much! Plz let me know

  • I just spoke to dave courtney. The trio in amarillo is no longer together. His email is Davec9@suddenlink.net. 806-292-7728. He said you could call him if you wanted to get contact info for someone to talk too. He is out of plainview. He has contacts with pre/post transplants of all types as well as donor and donor families of living/non living family. He is also trying to put together a reunion for December which might be good to talk go to!! But you can always talk with me. Yankcg@aol.com and i can give you my # and u can text/call me anytime. It is important for all of us to have others to talk to because there is alot of emotional support that is needed.

  • I truly appreciate that my email is rmercado31@gmail.com you are more than welcome to contact me to!! Are you on fb? I am on fb as well

  • U r very welcome. I am but do to work i really dont use it.

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