Why am I here part 2.

Good morning Everyone,

Due to my promise, I give you an outline of what happened earlier this week.

On Monday I looked around at the Dialysis Unit. All were extremely kind and as far as I could judge during the short visit, the patients were very well looked after. This was far encouraging and I applied for the nursing job later on the evening. To my great surprise, on Wednesday a kind manager lady from the company rang and invited me for a formal interview for Friday. I was really frightened, as I felt I would need more time to prepare. After all, I am rather novice in this area of dialysis and kidney diseases. But I took a deep breath, accepted the invitation and spent the forthcoming two days (and two nights) with preparing for the potential questions, basics of nephrology and dialysis, the nursing Code, clinical governance issues and others.

The interview was very hard, lasted about an hour with over 20 consecutive questions, for which I tried to answer as far in details as I could. Just after an hour, the same HR manager lady rang me again. She actually offerred the nursing position for me, welcomed me ’on board’ and told me I had to celebrate during the weekend! You can imagine, I was speachless and was nearly unable to say ’yes I do’. It was more sudden, rather then at my wedding day ! Yes, it is true that I have over twenty years experience of practice in clinical nursing, but this was haematology and rheumatology, not nephrology and besides, not in this country and not in my mother tongue. I really greatly appreciate that this company trusted me and provided this fantastic opportunity for a career change in nursing. I will prove them that their decision was right !

So, I will continue writing to you and keep you posted.

Many thanks indeed for All of you who sent me such positive responses last week - they helped me a lot !

All the very best to you All,


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  • Congratulations on your new position, Dorika. And thanks for telling us about your interview.

  • Congratulations and good luck in your new job, Tashe

  • Good morning Everyone,

    I just want to thank everyone who read or commented on my story.

    Have a nice day and laugh a lot.


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