First heamo dislysis

Hello all, went into hospital for a fistulagram this morning, all went ok, just about to have a cup of tea and told I did not have time as I was wanted in renal to start my dialysis- this was such a surprise as I was expecting 2nd week in September, best way to happen as no time to think about it.

Everything went so well, I was just sitting In a chair for 2 hrs for the first time, did not feel a thing, feeling ok an hour after and has not been the harrowing experience I thought it could be.

Happy it has started as I have been of CAPD for 7 weeks.

Life can start again, anyone about to start dialysis of either CAPD or heamo it is a life changer.

Hope to start home heamo training in two weeks time, isn't our NHS the bees knees


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  • Our NHS is amazing. So glad your first session went well. The fear of the unknown is always worse than reality. Home haemo is brilliant. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have when you're ready. Well done x

  • Hi Philip, glad everything went well and I'm sure it will continue to go well for you.

    It's good to hear people's good experiences as someone who is about to start PD shortly and a bit anxious.

    Long may it continue!! x

  • Our NHS is wonderful, but its struggling, we are so used to the bare essentials, and the huge variations in hospitals that it has become the norm. Many hospitals do not have the full renal 'team' of support, and liaison with other authorities.

    Good luck with home heamo training, I'm just about to start at home, on my 3rd machine, next week.

  • Despite all the negative press and political bickering about the NHS, I have received first class and compasionate treatment over the past five years. When you go on to home haemo discuss with the team the possibility of nocturnal dialysis. Fantastic daytime freedom..


  • Hi Phillip so glad everything is working out well for you. As a new comer it's comforting to here good experiences such as yours. Just counting down the days till I find out just what will be happening with me. I just want to get something sorted now I feel so horrible all the time.

    Unfortunately I had a stroke in June which I am still getting over and therefore unsure of what symptoms belong to what lol!

  • Hi, thank you all wishing me well now I have started haemo dialysis. I did feel really good on pd but I feel even better on heamo. Best wishes to you all.


  • Hello all, heamo going really well, the team heat at Derby Royal are wonderful.

    Had a small mishap on on second session, using two needles this time, all going ok and feeling well till I moved my arm to scratch my head, wow, had a vein punctured and a bleed, passed out and was sick. Soon came round and sorted out by the heamo team.


    Part of the learning process, won't be doing that again.

    Just one needle on Saturday but back to two needles Tuesday, all ok and feeling really good, much better than when I was on CAPD.


  • What a great post.

    I'm so glad it went well, and is a comfort to anyone starting hd soon. Welcome to life as a hd patient! It's not all bad 😊

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