Fluid overload


After some advise please. I am currently not on dialysis but had the first stage of my fistula done two weeks ago as my renal function is 7%. I seem to be struggling with 6 kilos of fluid overload.

I follow 1 litre fluid restriction and take 160mg of furosemide. I've tried restricting myself to 750mls but this hasn't helped either. The fluid build up seems to be all around my middle and back and developed a cough too.

The reason I ask is because last year it got really bad and was hospitalised with fluid around my heart and fluid on my lungs and blistered legs and don't want it getting that bad again.



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  • When you start dialysis it will help your fluid retention..... you seem to be doing all the right things at the moment....

    What has your GP said about it?

  • I ha vent spoken to my GP has they are useless to be honest. I'm seeing my pre dialysis nurse today for a check up on my fistula so was planning on mentioning it to her.

    I just wondered if anyone had any handy tips or suggestions on here.



  • Charlene I had problams with fluid build up when I was on PD. Make sure your renal medical support know about youtr problem

    Withan earlier overload Frusemide was not powerful enough for me and my GP prescribed something stronger but warned me that put the kidneys at risk. unfortunately GPs are not always knoledgeable on Kidney problems.


  • Unfortunately I'm limited to what diuretic I can have had allergic to lactose and most pills have it so I take Frusemide in liquid form. Saw renal nurse and the consultant when having my fistula checked and they've increased my dose. Fingers crossed that sorts me out


  • Hopefully the higher dose helps and you can stay off dialysis a while longer

  • My GP does not get involved in renal matters. He tells me that I know more about the issues than he does! Be that as it may, your best advice will come from the renal specialists (nurses and doctors). It sounds as though the sooner you are on dialysis the better.


  • Thanks Mike. Saw the pre dialysis nurse today she she was checking stage 1 of my fistula and she got a consultant to check me over. I've had my diuretic increased.

    My GP is the same they don't have a clue and won't touch anything related to my renal condition.



  • Hi Charlene, ask them to give you frusemide in the form of tablets rather than liquid given that you are on fluid restriction. Also try sucking on ice cubes when you are thirsty.

    Hope this helps

  • Hi

    I can't have it in tablet form as allergic to lactose and it is in frusemide.

    I do the trick with ice cubes and I've pops.

    Thanks for you response


  • 32 ounces of fluid a day Is all u are suppose to have if u are struggling like that and when u start dialysis pulling that much fluid is bad for ur heart. I'm really surprised u haven't started dialysis by now, I'm not sure where u are but they usually start dialysis when ur function is 10%...u might need to let them know how u feel cause u don't want to be sicker u want to feel better. Many blessings to u.

  • Thanks for your response. The fluid is starting to decrease so I think the increase dose of diuretic is definitely helping.

    I am quiet petite which I think helps me cope with the low function. Don't get me wrong I have good and bad days but on the whole I am coping.

    I see the surgeon on the 4th to discuss and book the next part of my fistula operation. Then I see my consultant on the 12th July.

    I'm keeping an eye on any more of an increase because don't need the same to happen as last year.

    Hope you are well


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