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good morning.

My sons schools head teacher has pulled me aside this morning, and asked me if I qualify for Disability benefit yet. As she knows how I feel most days she said to look into it.I have know idea about the benefit so thought in would ask you guys first.

With what she said I think it was more for school's benefit than mine.. she said free school meals when he's 5 free school milk trips and uniform??? I haven't a foggiest. it hasn't been the first time shes asked me.

sorry for such a random question Citizens Advice didn't know much either..

thank you

Lou xx

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  • Hi Lou,

    Personal Independent Allowance is the new Disability benefit. Have a look at benefitsandwork.co.uk they have lots of information about how to claim and people's own experiences. I have found them a great help.


  • thank you very much shall have a gander

    take care x

  • Hi lauralou

    Benefits depend on your financial situation as well as medical condition. Disability living allowance has been replaced by PIP- personal independence payment. It is not means tested but focuses on how much help you need with day to day things. There is a mobility element too. If you are on dialysis or PD at home, then you really should receive this, regardless of family income or whether you work. Lots of patients like myself are being moved from dla to claim pip. Having a dependent may make a difference too. Citizens advice know very little about the renal condition and rarely offer much help. If you Google claiming PIP, there is lots of info and a number to ring. It's a pain but worth a try. If you rent you may get housing benefit..tax credits will entitle you to free school meals, prescriptions, dental etc. Good luck. Others may have more specific advice x

  • thank you very much, yes CAB did mention something about PIP. I don't know anything about benefits. my partner did work full time as a builder but due to my bad days sometimes I need a little help with school runs and little things like just hooving the stairs or taking it upstairs I find that a struggle in itself. I shall have a look.

    Thank you xx

  • It sounds from what u are saying is do u have Medicaid and foodstamp, IDK that's just how I would have heard it in my mind

  • Hi Lou,

    My husband was on PD , he recieved PIP, he received the lowest amount of approx £200 a month A health representative came to our home to complete an assessment, lots of questions about the amount of support you need . It's not means tested . We were informed of the outcome very quickly . We also got a reduction in our council tax all the time he was on dialysis . It's worth looking into, every little bit helps when things are so tough . (My husband had a transplant in march and I was able to donate through the kidney sharing scheme , so we know how difficult things can be ) good luck . X

  • Hi sorry not seen your message until now. Hope you are both well. Thank you for your reply. I haven't a clue where to start with benefits. A guy I know can't work due to he has spinal problems. But he had to go somewhere and sit in front of doctors and some sort of judge I think for his PIP.

    Didn't you have to go anywhere then? Did they come to you? I have been back to the vascular surgeon today as my AV fistula didn't work so now having 1 done in my forearm. I was told I am eligible for PIP but like I say I haven't a foggiest where to start xx

  • Hi Laura, speak to the renal social worker. the hospital usually has one just ask your nurse/consultant.

    Hope that will help

  • Hi Lou,

    I've just looked at our paperwork about PPI. The telephone number is 0345 850 3322. we rang this number and were sent a questionnaire to complete . It's quite lengthy but persevere with it and complete it using the worse case scenario ( write everything that you need help /support with .)You can receive PPI whether you work or not .

    we were then given an appt for a health assessor to visit my husband at home . They work through your completed questionnaire with you and complete a basic mobility test . I completed my husbands form and emphasised his severe tiredness , difficulty in walking any distance , support with medication , attenfing appointments etc .

    It was about 3weeks later we were informed he was eligible for the standard rate of £55.10 a week to help with daily living needs but was not awarded any PIP for mobility needs . It's all based on points so you have to complete it thinking of how you feel on your worst days . If you go on the works and benefits website it gives advice on completing the form.

    Good luck Lou , hope the above is helpful , all the best x

  • Your a star. Thank you so much for the the number and the advice. Hope you are both keeping well.

    Thank you again xxx

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