Advice on a Low Phosphate Diet

Just wanted to ask if anyone has been put on a low phosphate diet and if so have you any advice on food to eat? My eGFR is 13 at present and my phosphate level is 1.7. The thought of not eating nearly anything I enjoy (hard cheese, milk, icecream, CHOCOLATE, marmite, biscuits, eggs etc.) is making me very depressed. I have 'googled' diets but they often seem to contradict themselves so I am very confused on what I can and cannot eat... I have tried to eat well over the last 5 years and now find most of what I eat is wrong i.e wholemeal bread, brown rice and pasta, nuts, seeds!

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  • Hello Evaymay,

    Your renal dietician is the person to speak with.

    Each time I go to see my consultant my dietician speaks with me, they are the best people to speak with.


  • Thanks Philipjm - I'm currently waiting for the dietician to contact me as promised in my last clinic letter. I'm pleased to hear the advice will be useful when I get it!

  • Most dialysis patients are on low phosphate diets.

    Simply, this means avoiding hard cheeses, all dairy (1/3 a pint of milk daily) , cola and nuts. It's quite complex, so speak to your dietician. You are allowed small amounts of some things.

  • Have just been to Sainsbury's and discarded most of what I would normally buy. I bought some brie but there is no comparison with cheddar...I am looking forward to seeing my dietician to see what is definitely allowed. Can I still drink coffee and eat tomatoes and tomato based meals? Also bananas??

  • I speak only for myself, based on what my renal nutritionist told me. I was told to avoid coffee, tomatoes and tomato sauce compleltely. Also, to limit my intake of bananas. These are I all things I enjoyed and miss, but following a kidney friendly diet gets easier as time goes by. You will be glad you consulted the dietitian, who will give you personal guidelines. My nutritionist encouraged me to have more egg based meals at lunchtime.

  • Coffee yes. But the tomato based meals are more to do with potassium, so be very careful. I eat alot of rice now, u also have to be careful with potatoes, but u can draw out the potassium by soaking potatoes in cold water before preparing them. Oh and potassium is the problem with banana...plaque can build of up around the heart. So again everything in moderation, unless u can a great substitute.

  • Are you on dialysis? Coffee, bananas and all things tomato are high in potassium. Coffee also contains phosphate. Potassium is fatal for most patients on dialysis-but not all. That is something you need to check with the dietician. You will know if you're potassium has been restricted: if so you'll also need to avoid chocolate, most fruit, raw vegetables and soups, mushrooms and jacket potato! You also should avoid salt, salty and processed foods...This is not an exhaustive list-please ask. X

  • My dietitian and doctor says, if it's a frozen meal or comes in a box like hamburger helper to avoid it, or make it fresh, that way u can make short cuts and substitute...and tea is better than coffee...and I drink alot of sparkling ice water (cherry limeade) it gives me the affect that I'm drinking pop/soda but it's water.

  • Go on the Edinburgh Renal site they have info on dos and donts also stuff on eating out in just learning what I can and can't eat it's quite boring

  • If u have a phosphorus binder u can still enjoy some of the other foods u listed, but only in like Mac and cheese, I eat on holidays, it's like a treat to takes will power but it's doable.

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