Carpal tunnel syndrome?

Have any of you who have been on dialysis for 10yrs+ been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome? It's caused by amyloidosis apparently. My thumbs and fingers go numb frequently, for no apparent reason and with no particular way to relieve it. I'm having nerve conduction tests. I wondered, how was it solved and did you have surgery? Thanks.

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  • Hello Nicolala

    Some good online articles about this:

    "After 10 years of dialysis, approximately 50% of patients surveyed exhibited the clinical manifestations of dialysis-related amyloidosis, and among patients who had survived with hemodialysis for 20 years, the prevalence of dialysis-related amyloidosis was reported to be almost 100%5)." Surgery recommended..."However, to our best knowledge, carpal tunnel syndrome due to dialysis-related amyloidosis in patients undergoing long-term dialysis has not been reported yet in Korea. We hereby report a case of carpal tunnel syndrome due to dialysis-related amyloidosis in a patient undergoing long-term hemodialysis with a brief review of the literature."

    I don't know if you are the kind of person who likes to know as much as possible or not! But all the best...Jennie

  • Hi Jennie

    Yes I read that article too. At 26 years and counting, that puts me in the 100% bracket! I like to be well informed about all aspects of my conditions and have been busy googling 😊

    I'm fairly sure it will be the official diagnosis but won't know for certain until after the nerve conduction tests; and what a delight they are too! Wet metal rings on your fingers and a zap of electricity, just for good measure!

    Thank you for your reply x

  • Hi Nichola,

    Although only been on dialysis a little over a year I have had both hands operated on for carpel tunnel syndrome.

    The pain was awFul and stopped me from sleeping at night, had the procedure and all ok now. Really worth having it done


  • Thanks Philips

    Yes mine is far worse at night and wakes me up. Can I ask how long ago you had it done? I read it comes back. Have you had any more symptoms?


  • Yes...I have had a right hand( dialysis arm) done and need my left done. It was done by keyhole surgery while under local anaethetic and took 10 minutes..I sat in the theatre in my wheelchair throughout. Apparently if had been the other hand it would only have taken 5 minutes. The biggest nuisance was not being able to use the hand/drive for a few days afterward. I would highly recommend it.

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