Neckline and itchy rash

I recently had a neckline inserted and within hours started to get itching. Over the next few days it spread to m y chest, neck, right ear, right underarm and right arm. It feels like sunburn but also itchy and I can feel hundreds and hundreds of tiny blister like lumps under the skin. I am told there is no connection with this and the neckline I had inserted or fhe liquid they syringe into the line at the end of dialysis even though it started straight after the procedure and is mainly restricted to the same side of my body. Has any else experienced this?

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  • I remember something similar when I had my first line inserted. It started a few hours after I'd got home. I went back to the hospital, by that time I had the chills and was shaking. I was told I had an infection. The line was removed and replaced and I was admitted to hospital for 48 hours and given a course of Vancomysin. It cleared up but happened a few more times after that. As far as I know, it was nothing I was doing wrong and nothing that could be done about it.

    Sorry I can't be more help. I would certainly head to the hospital or your renal clinic.

  • Thanks for your reply Gwawrio. I am on the look out for chills and shakes having had sepsis twice last year (unrelated to kidneys) but I haven't had that. Having said that my renal unit said they did not like the look of the line and sent me off to the h ospital for some drip fed anti-biotic. I have to admit that the line does not feel 'happy' but as I've not had one before I don't know what to expent

  • I have known a patient once who was allergic to the plastic used in the cannula part of the lines... it is quite rare I think, but maybe worth considering. Sorry can't offer more help x

  • Thank you Nicolala , I hadn't thought of the actual line

  • It's a long shot, but you never know. Also, if they used iodine to clean the skin-are you allergic to that? Just a thought x

  • I thought that but was told that they had not used iodine

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