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Morning all,

Does anyone out there use the NxStage machine on home dialysis?

I'm due to have one at home but am confused about the options. I was told I could have it fitted to my water supply but as my bathroom was across the hall from my bedroom, I would need a flexible pipe to put the drain into the sink which I would retract when not in use.

However, it has now been suggested that I use bags instead......

Lifting the bags each day would be possible but difficult with my arthritis and the easier method would surely be having it using the mains.

If I use the mains, would I still have to use all the bags.....I seem to need 8 each day!

Would appreciate any advice.....



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  • Hi mgt8

    I don't know specifically about the Nxstage machine, although I believe it is suitable for home HD. What I can tell you is that yes-you will use a lot of water and electricity, although I believe this machine is more economical because it doesn't have a full clean after each dialysis -I may be wrong. Anyway, my hospital reimburse me for water and electricity used every 3 months.

    I'm on a BBraun Dialog machine . It's fully plumbed in, with an RO ( purifier) and a softener. The plumbing goes through the wall and is connected to the water supply under the bath in the bathroom next door.

    Hope this helps.

  • I have used an NX machine for a year and a half. The hospital UHCW, Coventry, had it plumbed in both for water supply and drainage. I would seriously recommend you press your Renal unit to fit the NX unit in and do not use the bags. Remember you will also have to store the months supply of bags as well. If you are connected to the mains the NX will stand on a Diasylate Generator and you will not need the bags and the heater. I am now on nocturnal dialysis, 5 nights/week, 7 hours per night. I am getting excellent clearance according to my Renal nurse.

    Good luck


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