Keith from King's

Keith from King's

Hi, I'm Keith Jarman from just outside Gravesend in Kent. I've been on Kidney Failure pathway for 6 years. Have tried APD, CAPD, HD, Transplant (failed), and back to HD. At one stage I was due to go 'home' but the transplant intervened. Now hoping to undergo re-training for home HD. The advice is to avoid abbreviations so, the above are APD - Automatic Peritoneal Dialysis (by machine overnight), CAPD - Constant Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (walk around with regular manual fluid exchanges), HD - Haemo-dialysis (in centre machine blood exchange).

For my sins, I am trying to help with the restoration of King's Kidney Patients Association, and have taken on the role of Chairperson. I apologise if you are a King's Patient, and you haven't discovered us, but it is not easy to fit the work in with dialysis and other hospital visits for other wonky bits.

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  • Good luck Keith..

    I'd advise perhaps you update the NKF on this so they can add correct info on their website as things progress:

  • Keith, You will enjoy the role and I am sure your KPA will benefit all the members.

    Once suggestion If I may, you need to organise a coach trip(s) once a year to seaside resorts or flower shows or whatever the KPA members vote for. This type of activity will boost KPA members confidence who are alone and have no one to else to turn to.

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