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Posted last week that i had fluid retention. Unfortunately it got to weight gain of 20lbs and couldn't walk and my chest was very tight so was admitted to hosptial. Its a weeks later and still in hosptial and the hosptial i am in has no renal unit. They have been trying to use furosemide to bring it down. I have had my dose increased to 160mg iv and wondering what sort of doses others have. I have actually lost 1 kg last night but legs feel like i have nettle rash/sun burn i also have blisters as skin in so stretched. I am very slim so this amount of gain is very painful.

To top this off i had a heart scan yesterday and been told i have calcification of two heart valves but given no info. Does any one have any advise or have this condition as well. I'm 36 and concerned.

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  • cut down the amount of fluid intake (should be 1 liter, about 4x 8oz cups for you at this time) and sodium intake, should be none. There is a dialysis solution called icodextrin (similar to 1.5%, 2.5%, 4.25%) but this is 7.25%, requires long dwell (8-12 hours) and will remove a lot of fluid (2L icodextrin will remove probably another 2-3L) or temporarily on HD to remove excess fluid. Good luck :)

  • Hi

    Thanks for your response, i am already on 1 litre fluid restriction and measuring my output. The consultants aim is for me to loss a kilo a day which i am managing.

    I am not yet on dialysis but therr have been talks of putting me on

    emergency dialysis if the high dose of frusemide doesn't work.

    I am oit of hospital for now and staying with my parents



  • You really need to get them to transfer you to a hospital that has a renal unit. they know a lot more about what to do to solve your problems. I was admitted recently to my local hospital and was later transferred to my renal hospital. I was prescribed 240mg of ferusomide when I had a lot of fluid to get rid of I am now back down to 120mg. After another week at my renal hospital I am now back at home and feeling a lot better. Insist they transfer you.

  • Hi

    Thanks for the advise. When i asked about s transfer the medical doctors just replied with 'everyone would prefer to be in Oxford or Cambridge' thankfully a high dose of frusemide seems to have worked and now been decreased to 120mg in the hope i will lose the remaining fluid. Unfortunately i have gained a kilo over night but not going to increase the frusemide unless i gain again today.

    I'm glad your out of hospital too. I hope you have family and friends to support you as i have found mine priceless.


  • Last time I checked you had a right to choose where you received treatment.

    Put something in writing if you are not satisfied. Word of mouth sadly means very little.

  • Yea i thought that but unfortunately i had some meds looking after me not a renal doctor as was admitted over a weekend. I did think of discharging myself and going to the a&e department in the county my renal consultant is based.

    Things have improved enough to be discharged now and seeing my specialist on wedbmnesday and see the renal nurse on tuesday to discuss options

  • Where in the country are you, county would do?

  • Swindon, Wiltshire and wanted to go to Oxford where my consultant is at the Churchill.

  • I go to Oxford.

    Are you under the care of Urology or Renal?

    Do you have a telephone number for your consultant?

    If you do I would give them a call and explain your situation, they may be able to help, after all they know far more than your GP about these things. They might, give you an appointment, should they think it is necessary.

  • cant offer any advice but i have been in with the same thing ive put on 10kg in about 3 weeks since being put on steroids, i went and saw my doctor on friday and he sent me straight to hospital my kidney function had not changed since my last blood test so i have been given water tablets, did your swelling come on quiet quickly mine happened over 2 days, now im on the tablets it seams to get better then get worse throughout the day usually really bad first thing in the morning, going back to see my doc in the morning to sort out all my meds so will speak to them and see what they say

  • Hi

    Mine came on very quickly and gained 6lbs ove night talking it to20lbs and chest pains when breathing so contacted 111 which sent me to a&e.

    The consultant put me on water tablets after being discharged however their not as good as iv. Are you on fluid restriction as i on one litre and sure this is helping.

    Mine is better in the morning and increases during the day and chest gets tight when i lie down. The consults aim is to lose a kilo a day.

    I hope it goes well at your appointment


  • Hi

    I have been discharged now and due to see my oxford consultant (Mr Paul Harden) in swindon tomorrow so have a long list of questions for him. I tried phoning him the friday before i was admitted and spoke to his secretary but no one called me back.

    I live in swindon and Mr Harden ru s a clinic in swindon monthly.

    I hope to get more answers. I saw the renal nurse to dicuss dialysis options. I am swaying towards home haemo as would prefer not to do APD every night and CAPD wouldnt really fit with my life style as want to get back to work as currently off sick after arm surgery.

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