High phosphate levels and itching

My husband is stage 5 eGFR 12 he is suffering from severe itching the consultant feels this is because of a high phosphate count. He has been prescribed phosphate binders I was wondering how long it will take to bring his levels down and ease the itching. He is following instructions from the dietician. He has chosen to have peritoneal dialysis when the time comes . 

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  • My husband suffered from this just before he went on to dialysis.   The phosphate binders and diet worked quite quickly and he was a lot more comfortable.  We found Balneum Plus cream went some way to easing the itch temporarily so we just lathered it on until the medication kicked in.  He has been on haemodialysis now for three years and the phosphate levels are now normal.   It will get better but it just takes some time.   The hardest part is getting to that time and that can be really tough on a day to day basis.  

  • It will get better. Sometimes it takes a while to find the binder which best suits you, something which can change over time. Also it helps to isolate which are your trigger foods - always a protein food, but mine is cheese. I have learnt in twenty + years of kidney failure to limit myself to a small treat now and again! Hope this helps!

  • I had itching a lot on PD and found rubbing in large quantities of Nutrogena Norwegian formula skin cream worked quite quickly.

  • My husband has been on Haemodialysis for just over a year now   and he has a little itching , he finds Vaseline the best , it is only on his arm .. putting Vaseline all over might be difficult  and making him very slippery !   Worse is his hands now go numb and are beginning to ache ...  Of course he also has the added complication that he got and infection in his spine  ( Discitis )  through his emergency line ,   while he was waiting for his fistula to be 100% .... He was very ill and still has to have Pain Patches   and is still on IV antibiotics ..   At last his infection is down  to 9   from 200 ,   but mystified why he is in so much pain still .. 

    I believe he needs  now MSK Physiotherapy as his muscles are all gone , and need strengthening ...  

    The care he received before he went on Dialysis was 100%   and the ward , nurses ... sister   went way beyond their duties   caring ..   and the dialysis center he attends ..   BUT the doctors now with his after care , I am not happy with , and I have to do all the chasing .... His Antibiotics ran out ,  and his Doctor  looking after him was on holiday , nothing had been put in place while she was away .and I had to do all the chasing , phoning etc  and now I am having to  do the same with advice about MSK Physio ... I would have thought it was a natural follow on ?  

    His spinal surgeon cannot stop talking about my husband having spinal surgery , surely that should be a last resort and physiotherapy tried first , with all the risks of surgery   which he has been warned about !   A very worrying time   which has gone on for months !

  • Thank you all for your replies . 

  • Avoid foods with preservative like processed foods. Corned beef and Primula was my trigger.

  • Moisturise as often as you can, and take the phosphate binders. With luck you'll be ok within a week or two.

  • I find my legs are the worse affected. What works for me is a scrub of the area in a nice warm bath followed by lots of lovely moisturiser......

  • Hello Jackie if you google high phosphate food see what to avoid as well as postastium you will get a good idea it's like treading on stepping stones I'm gutted on somethings I have to avoid but that's the way life is I know that itching is awful I sympathise with your husband hope this helps Sonia 

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