THE CALL CAME.......2.20AM


My husband had the 'call' at 2.20am on Monday morning. There was a kidney with his name on it, albeit from a deceased donor. He went for his dialysis as normal in the morning and his operation was at 10.00pm that night.

He came through the operation successfully and when visited today he was sitting up laughing and joking.

Unfortunately, the kidney has not started to function as yet and they say it could take up to 3 weeks to start, but at the moment they are not concerned and I am just grateful that he has had this chance. There are all too many that don't make it.

I just wanted to say that the call can come - he was on dialysis just short of 4 years and we did wonder whether it would come at all. He is a Jamaican born 70 year old and we need more donors from the ethnic minorities.

To all out there still waiting - your time will come and I will pray for you all.

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  • My prayers and best wishes for a good outcome.......

  • So pleased for you and your husband...........stay positive

  • Very happy for your hubby :) Crossing my fingers that it all works out. My kidney took 2 weeks to get going. It was also from a deceased donor. After a rocky start (4 months before I was well enough to be discharged) I've just celebrated my 10 year transplantversary.

  • That's great. Wishing you both all the best.....

  • Great to hear your good news long may it continue for your husband.....sadly I can't have transplant due to my other health issues & my heart wouldn't take it.

    God bless you both.

    Peggy 🙏🏻

  • So glad for you. Hope everything works out well for your husband. I had the call nearly 20 years ago and except for one or two minor setbacks have been very well and thankful ever since. We are planning a walk in July to celebrate and to raise awareness and money for research into Polycystic Kidney Disease which runs in the family.

    Every blessing.

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so pleased for your husband and for you, & my prayers are with you both. I suggest that he gives his kidney a name, as daft as it sounds it will assist in his acceptance of this foreign object if he can mentally accept that it should be inside him. I did & my transplant failed in 2015 after 25 years!

    All the very, very best to you both in the future...

  • To Kibibi90. I was interested to read in a recent post that you were able to keep your kidney for 25 years. Well done! I am approaching my 20th anniversary and want to ask if you have had any skin problems due to long term medication. I have many harmless wart like items which can be removed at my local surgery but it is an ongoing thing. I also have skin tags which I'm told the NHS cannot remove as they are classed as "cosmetic". At my age (73) I am not too worried about wearing a bikini any more (!) but have to keep most of my neck covered up, which is not so good in summer. I realize that this is a minor problem in the scheme of things, but have not been able to find anyone else with this problem. Hope you don't mind me asking you. Regards.

  • Hi

    I didn't notice as I already had a lot of skin tags and moles etc. Try talking to your GP about removal of the ones on your neck, if they concern you the most, I did - having been told removal by the hospital wasn't possible and my GP was happy to do this.

  • Thank you - I will certainly have a word with our GP.

  • Thank you all for your best wishes. I like the thought of naming it so 'Arfur' it is. It has started to produce a little today so things are looking brighter but we realise there is still a long way to go. We take a day at a time and get over the hurdles when we reach them. Together we will win!


  • Hi

    I'm glad to read it's so far so good, I was about 8 days waiting for my Kibibi (kidney) to start working. Keep up the positive attitude and you and 'Arfur' will be fine for the years to come...

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