Hello hope everyone are doing well on here.

I had a fistula done two months ago. When I went for my six weeks check up. The doctor told me it's as been fail am really feeling done he told me they can try and put something in like a balloon .to try and strght the vine . Is anyone one ever had this done before am really not feeling up to have this . I welcome your advice

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  • Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in the formation of a fistula. My first two attempts at fistula formation both failed but the third attempt was successful and lasted for 14 years before I needed another.

    The procedure to insert a 'balloon' into the vein to try to enlarge it is very straightforward and virtually painless and is nothing to get concerned about.

    Hope this helps?

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  • My husband had the same thing nearly three years ago His fistula has slowed down quite frequently since but they have ballooned it and kept it going. You will probably have a fistula gram where they inject dye into the fistula to see where the problem is and hopefully they can stretch the narrowing. This is a fistuloplasty. They make a small cut in the fistula and pass a tube through it and blow up the balloon near the narrowing or blockage. It is NOT painful as when they inflate the balloon they put in a little lignocaine so don't be scared. When you first go onto dialysis everything is a huge challenge and the littlest thing or setback can get you down. Keep going it will get better and you will get a life back. Itmay not be the same as the old one but it will be worth it once you feel stronger mentally and physically. Good luck with the procedure.

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  • Hi I have a fistula but mine has failed. Last week I had an operation to increase with a ballon however this failed. I am awaiting a new date for a further operation.


  • I never wanted the fistula so from the catheter and having hemodialysis for 5 months I went into Peritoneal dialysis where I do it myself at home every night while sleeping for 8 hours and my whole day is free to do what I want. They trained me first on manual PD until I am well versed in doing it. I do the manual PD every 4 hours daily which is about 4 times a day and a solution is always left in my tummy working as substitute for my kidney. This process create like I have a working kidney 24/7 and continues to clean my blood and draw excess fluid 24/7. It takes a little sacrifice and time involved during the manual PD but as soon as I went using the Cycler machine it is more convenient and makes me in full control. Ask your Hemo nurse about PD so you can understand the benefits of it.

  • Were you given aftercare info and daily exercises for the fistula after the op, strengthen the fistula?

    you should have been given info similar to this:

    Fistula Fanatic:

    Facebook page for better fistula care:

    I've had my fistula, for over 20 years, and it seems to me that patients are not being given information on how to care for the fistula after the operation.

    The op your having should help, hopefully

    Good luck:)

  • I agree with this

  • Thanks Jman this information is really helpful

  • Hey there. I've had my fistula for six years and in that time I've had to have four fistulaplastie due to my fistula blocking off and touch wood they've saved my fistula every time. When I was first told they want to stick a ballon down my vein to deblock it I was very worried but you can request a pre-med and during each procedure as soon as I've felt the slightest bit of pain they've given me pain relief.

    On the bright side if it's successful your fistula can be used and you can get that neck line out.

    Hope this helps 😋

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