mum is on night dialysis

hi my mum is on night dialysis and we have a holiday booked for 2 weeks, on asking about respite we where told there is no care homes who deal with patients on dialysis and also mum has dementia. you try to do right by having family at home to care for them but when you need help there seems to be very little. my wife who has to connect mum at night and take her off in the morning also works full time. it seems to me that you are better off if you let the hospital do the dialysis because when you do it yourself they seem to step back. any help with suggestions on respite would be very helpful thanks. sorry about the moaning but it gets to you a bit which you all understand.

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  • Tell me about it! My husband was taken off the dialysis list and we didn't know about it until today when he was due to go in. Apparently this happened after being discharged from the hospital after surgery. We looked into going away, and as long as you are inform the hospital a month in advance, your mum can have dialysis while on hols, if you wanted to take her.

  • I am interested to hear what has happened about this? Were you able to find a way to let you go on holiday?

  • hi jajaja it looks like we will be able to go on holiday, what we did is get in touch with our doctors and they made the referral to social services and they have been in touch and are now talking about a 4 week rolling contract a year all we have to do is pay a percentage of the cost just got to see now what kind of respite mum needs as there are a few options.

  • Oh, that is good! Well done!

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