Kidney charities "stunned" to have been told this week (20 Nov '14) dialysis will no longer be a prescribed service on the English NHS

Guys if your on this community we need to make sure our voices are heard this is worrying and is only part of what the government is planning on doing to OUR nhs.

The petition went live yesterday and already has over 13 thousand signatures.

Please show your support -

There is also a film to raise awareness of the privatisatiopn of the nhs which includes stories from doctos, hospital staff, lawyers and health care managers I think if you aren't already aware then this may come as a shock.

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  • I'm not able to see the whole petition link, would you be able to repost it please? Thank you.

  • This is crazy! Had dialysis for 2 years just had a transplant this April please add my name to the list! As this is soooooo important for every kidney patient thank you Deborah.

  • Signed!

  • I've signed the e-petition but don't know to pass on details of the e-petition or you tube video to show my friends.

  • Please add my name to the list as I only heard about it yesterday 26/11 at the hospital N-W-Park (sliver team pm). None of the hospital staff are aware of this, or are not letting on!!

    Ray Ellis


  • That's terrible. And treating drunks and drug addicts is!

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