Constant hunger and dialysis

Hi there, im posting on behalf of my grandma who has been on dialysis for 6 years now. She still has a small amount of function in her kidneys so she currently does 3 days a week. She was ok until about 18 mths ago when she started suffering from terrible hunger that she couldnt get rid of. It used to be mainly on dialysis days but over the last 6 mths or so has become a constant feeling. Consequently she has started feeling very nauseous and dizzy all the time and doesnt really get out anymore.

She has tried to speak to her doctor and clinic about it but just gets told its dialysis causing the problem but they dont know of anyone else who suffers in this way.

Has anyone had any similar experiences that they could share? Or any advice?

Its really getting her down.

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  • What dialysis is your mum on?

    The hospital put me on HDF and could take it whilst on treatment but when i got home i was starving and dizzy, got them to put me back to HD and feelings have gone

  • Hi natalie8671,

    Wouldn't be connected to diabetes, or even low oxygen in the blood ?

    My Mum on Dialysis 3 times a week, is the opposite and does not feel hungry, but eats anyway, not really enjoying it, she no longer can taste much as the kidney failure has affected her taste buds.

    She was originally told her giddiness was due to the dialysis and once balanced, (weight and water taken off,) would feel better, but sometimes she still gets giddy.

    Two other reasons she has been giddy is low diabetes readings, so has got in the habbit of checking her bloods more when she feels the giddiness coming on and eating something. also low oxygen in her blood was found when the Doctor came round and tested her a couple of times. She was taken in to hospital on one occasion due to low oxygen and feeling sick and giddy.

    Ask for the Doctor to come out to her. My Mum is mostly housebound and is allowed to have the Doctor call on her so she doesn't have to struggle to get to the surgery.

  • Also ask Doctor to check her urine, urine infections can make someone nauseous, giddy and 'not with it.'

  • I was always dizzy for about an hour after finishing dialysis as I usually had a very low blood pressure during my sessions; so it might be an idea to check her blood pressure between dialysis to see whether her 'normal' blood pressure is low and discuss the results with her doctors. As for the hunger I find this is not a usual side effect but I have known it happen, if this is happening to your grandma ask to speak to her dietician for advice.

  • Thankyou for all your replies ☺ I will speak to my grandma about your suggestions and see if anything helps

  • I'd get the renal pharmacist to check her out. Many drugs can cause a feeling of hunger, particularly steroids. The nausea and dizziness problem is quite common in dialysis patients and normally associated with changes in blood pressure. Sometimes people find it hard to keep to their fluid restrictions, and when they have a lot of fluid to take off on dialysis it can make their blood pressure drop.

  • Hi

    My partner been on HD for 3 years has constant hunger he does home hemo, on 5 days a week 4 hours a time. He also has dizzy spells, but these usually happen after he has eaten and the renal nurse has told him he could be eating his food to fast. Also sickness and dizzy could be down to removing to much water??

  • Hi, Natalie, yes, I used to do HD but only for a short period of time. I'm now on PD. When I was on HD, when I finish my exchange, I find I was ravenous and ate a really huge meal. I was also intolerant to bright lights and took to wearing very dark glasses. The dizziness as everyone says is right. I'm not a doctor so I can't advice you on what to do. I think mine resolved itself though. Everyone is different and I'm sorry to hear your nan is suffering like this. I hope this can be resolved soon.

  • I am ravenous whilst on HD and am constantly nibbling throughout and afterwards but on non-dialysis days my appetite is normal. not sure whether its just from boredom though!

  • Hi everyone, just a quick note to say thankyou for all ur replies and suggestions. My Grandma has finally been tested for diabetes and she has been diagnosed with type 2. She has been put on tablets for this and her hunger and dizziness are getting much better. Shes getting back to herself finally! 😊

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