CKD 3b

Good evening, I hope everyone is finding this forum helpful as it's good to know there are other people who understand how you feel. For me I'm suffering with bad achy legs and sore skin mainly legs, I suffer with High blood pressure and I just had a recent ECG for a pre op assessment which showed a problem , I'm awaiting results . I'm worried sick . I feel completely alone , I feel my gp isn't interested and I'm just not getting support

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  • I hope you are all well

  • Hi J Cookie.

    I am OK thanks l am hoping l will be discharged from the Royal Hospital today or tomorrow. I feel tired most of the times but l think l will be alright.

    Once again thanks for asking.

  • Hope you are feeling bit betr soon :) take it easy

  • I have felt very scared and alone at times too, throughout my illness. That is the beauty of this site to me - we are all going through pretty awful experiences but can all help and support each other. Whether that is through sharing information or just giving virtual hugs when they are needed << >>. I also personally find it helpful to think that, however scary and awful my own experiences, there is sadly always someone who is much worse off than me. I find being grateful for that - for the fact that I am not (yet) at the very end of my life, or paralysed, or whatever - can pull me through sometimes. If you think hard enough about it, there is always a positive to be found, even in the darkest of times.

    I hope the results are not as bad as you feared. But if they are, then please come back onto this site and find someone to talk to about it.

    Best of luck

  • Thankyou cgih, for your kind response, I totally agree with you there are def people more worse off and I am grateful too that I'm not yet at the end stage , I hope you are feeling well and thankyou for your kind words -- thankyou xx

  • Hi, I am a 61 year old man with the same as you, can u try riding a bike to get those legs going. I am off to hospital for blood test, will call back a soon as I can.


  • Hi andy

    Thankyou for your little tip ,it all helps , hope your well , thankyou

  • Hi if you like you can email me off this site, its just easier.



  • Hi JCookie

    The fact that you or the doctors have identified what is making you ill is a step towards your healing process. Take each day as it comes, try and identify ways to help your self and keep yourself busy. For example find out what is causing the high blood pressure, find out what diet is best for you, join a club with hobbies that you enjoy and enjoy your life. Don't worry about the doctor or GP who does not seem to care about you. If you're not happy there change the surgery. Life is too short to waste on such matters and yes you're right this site is very helpful. Thank you.

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