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Hi, I am a HHD patient and have to administer my own EPO and Iron which is a treatment generally used to prevent anaemia in renal patients. I was wondering how PD patients administer this treatment to themselves? Do PD patients inject themselves with EPO and Iron? Or do they go into the unit to receive this medication? Also HHD patients have to take blood from their arterial access line once a month so that their blood results can be assessed, how do PD patients do this? I would be very interested to know from any PD patients as to what they do in respect of the above issues.

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  • Hi, I inject myself with EPO. I have to then travel to my renal unit for intravenous iron infusions a couple of times a year. I get bloods taken every 4 weeks at my own local GP.

  • I self-inject EPO weekly but I prefer to take ferrous sulphate tablets for the iron. I don't do HHD, sorry. :-)

  • Hi Sparky1

    Yes you will have to inject your own Epo and iron.I attended an outpatient clinic at the renal Unit to get bloods done but you could also probably get them done through your GP. If injecting is a problem then your GP treatment roo. Might do it for you.

  • Hi, thanks for all your input. I was just curious as I do HHD myself and wondered how PD patients went about drug administration. Thanks again...

  • My partner used to give himself his own venofer but he has to go to the hospital to get it done as the EU laws are changing cause it is a drug you have to mix.

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