Does anyone know a good way to reduce or stop constipation in peritoneal dialysis?

I have nightly peritoneal dialysis. I am on docusate, senna and lactulose as well as picolax to reduce constipation but nothing is moving my bowel. It's causing the machine to alarm. Does anyone know of any other medications lifestyle or complimentary remedies. It is painful and ruining my peritoneal dialysis catheter. I am UK based. 13th April 2014

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  • May be you are using too many different laxatives and they will at some point counteract . Stop using them for a few days and then try Movicol powders 1 to 2 sachet in the morning and same on an evening ! Try eating really dark cabbage (sounds daft ) but it's a natural way to get things moving ! I'd also request an x-Ray of your abdomen to see where your PD catheter is sat and if it is being squashed by the blockage ! Try eating hi fibre foods like Kellogg's All bran or bran flakes for breakfast ! Whole meal bread only not brown ! Baked beans egg and chicken !

    Try it ! What UF are you getting and what bags are you using ? :)

  • Thank you for your response. It is most helpful. However they say I have Gastroparesis and they do not know why my bowel is slow and sluggish. Years of taking opiates for neck pain and multiple Colonoscopies may have had some negative effect on the bowel motility. Thank you for your advice again.

  • Take about 2 tablespoons of castor oil ,I know it sounds awful but it will work ,if you cannot tolerate the castor oil ,fry mineral oil. I grew up on that stuff ,but do consult with your physician.

  • I was given a big bottle of Duphalac (lactulose) about 3 years ago by the PD nurse which I keep in the fridge and it's still OK. It works and quickly. Obviously you can't take it if you are lactose intolerant but if you can it's a tablespoon of very sweet syrup. Within a short time flatulence will start and it will soften the stool and usually this requires a dash to the toilet followed in my case my a mini explosion but hey it clears me out.

    DONT take it before you go out!

    More information on :

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