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Using social to try to get donor


My GFR is 18. I was thinking to create a social media campaign on Facebook and gofundme to try to find a kidney donor.

Did anyone here do something like this in the past?

Using gofundme to ask for a kidney donor (not money) and posting the gofundme page all over Facebook.

Any thoughts on this? Ideas?

And is being gfr to early to go this route?

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I did use social media, started a website, T-shirt campaign etc. Your Drs will advise when its time to begin the process. Once you are approved and make the list, you will begin looking for a donor.

Web site. Good idea to do. May I ask what you used to create the web site? I don’t know any of this stuff. I heard you can use some site creator like wix or square space. But it cost money. Any place you know which they will support cause?

So I shouldn’t do anything until I am approved on wait list?

I believe it was godaddy and a friend of my sponsored it for me. Plus Facebook, Twitter etc. which are no cost, also campaigned at work as I work right up to the transplant. It wasnt easy and I should not have done so, but you cant un-ring a bell.

I would talk with you Doctors and ask when they suggest you begin looking for a donor.

Thanks again for your reply! Really helpful info.

I will look into the web site maker.

One thing I am afraid of is exposing my self to friends and outside world. And from what you just mentioned a o it the work and un-ring bell seems that should be a concern.

Thanks so much again.

I had a lot of support - at least 25 coworkers were tested for a match - maybe more that chose to be anonymous. And a lot of public support as well. I meant that I should have taken it easy and not worked as long as I did and made myself a priority instead of my job. That same job let me go 14 days after my surgery so there was no loyalty on their part, only mine. All I would have done differently is taken time off to prepare.

Yes. How can you help? Private message me?

Not certain this link will go through. Here is an example of and ad for social media

That’s perfect. Thanks for sharing that. Exactly what I was looking for.

My wife and oldest daughter put together a site on FB and it generated awareness and a lot of candidates. I knew most of these people, but some were just people who wanted to help.

My daughter shared with her friend on FB as she or my husband were not a match. Her best friends, friend stepped up, she is young with 3 small little boys. After a year of testing, she was a match. Forever grateful and blessed.❤️

My insurance paid mostly everything. I paid .2%

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