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Pain in side after urinating with kidney transplant

I'm 6 months post transplant (on my right side) and I continue to have deep aching pain on that side. The strange thing is that after going to bed, I will wake up to go pee and there's no pain in that side, but as soon as I'm done the ache comes back. When I finally get up the next morning, it's the same thing, no pain until I pee, then my side hurts all day. My transplant surgeon says it's nerve and muscle pain due to those not healed yet. Anybody else have this problem?

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I have this as well. It seems that as the kidney sits by the bladder when the bladder fills and then you empty it, it is like the bladder was so full that when you finish you do get an aching sensation. I was told it is normal and I am 19 months post transplant x



Another posibility could be dehydration.

It's worth thinking about whether you drink as much water as you have been told to drink.



I try to drink 2 liters of water a day and have been pushing to make it to three. Have your labs been checked for UTI? I sometimes feel fullness and if I sit straight up I feel my pulse increases so I try to stretch out as much as I can. I have also adjusted my diet and gone to a plant based diet.


I had something similar, when I was about 10-12 months post transplant. For me however, my transplanted ureter would partially collapse after peeing. That was what my transplant team said was causing my pain. They were afraid that if it completely collapsed, I wouldn't be able to pee at all.

When they transplant a kidney, they also transplant the donor's ureter. They place a stent in the ureter when they transplant and then remove it after a time (Can't remember when they removed mine). For me, they had to put the stent back in. It solved the problem with the pain after peeing. It was eventually removed after the surgeon was sure that the problem would not reoccur.

That was the case for me! I would want to double check with your transplant team.

And it is true that when they do a transplant, because of the placement of the kidney, you do sometimes get an aching nerve and muscle pain. Be sure though, that is all it is.

I am 19+ years post transplant and thank God everyday for my incredible GIFT!


Wonderful to hear you have had a transplant for 19 years. Was it with a live donor?


No actually I had a 16 year old deceased donor. It was however, a great match. He actually matched 4 of 6 antigens ( tissue markers). It was a true blessing!


No sorry can't say I have experienced this I do ache a little on the side of transplant but only now an then I'm 8month in now .


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