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Well to begin with I guess one way to put it is I'm still"on the fence". Still unsure on wether or not I am willing to actually go through with this. I mean of course the idea of potentially saving somebody's life is the most wonderful feeling in the world. I absolutely believe in paying it forward or karma,and I would love to have the feeling that I saved somebody's life. Their families,friends and whoever they have touched within their lives would also be touched. Its not only the actual recipient of the kidney but there is so many others involved. I am a 49yr old Caucasian male in good health. I have three wonderful beautiful daughters. I really have not discussed this with my family as I feel that this is just something that I do not really think is up to anyone other than myself. Maybe that sounds selfish however I don't want anybody trying to talk me out of doing this. This is something that I just feel in my heart that this is my decision.God Bless and he will give me my answer soon!!


You are a living Angel as they say! Bless you for being altruistic! Its especially hard for dialysis patients waiting for years on dialysis. I myself have high antigens and I have been waiting 6 years on in center hemo since it is tough to match me.

Sean please know this is your decision only. It is a personal one. You should never feel pressured into giving your kidney away. Family should not decide for you. In my experience many people in my family don't know or WANT to learn about donating their kidney because its just too scary for them. They don't want to be on dialysis because they see what I have gone through and how hard it is to find a kidney. That is the honest truth. It sounds cold and cruel but this is reality for most people. Being a donor is super scary. I get it. I respect everyones personal choice.

If this helps you any.... as insurance for yourself. My transplant program at UCSD participates in a Kidney Banking system. Called the kidney registry. This is how it works. Say someone wants to donate a kidney. But the person they had in mind doesn't match them. Well, the donor can donate into the registry anyway. They can donate on behalf of a strangers name (like me) and then that person who is waiting for a kidney gets a voucher for the next available kidney that matches. You as a donor also get a voucher for the very next kidney IF anything were to happen to you in the future. So you will never have to wait or search for a kidney. This is like having kidney transplant insurance! It is completely free and you don't need to travel. You donate at the transplant center close to you.

I hope this helps with your decision and gives you assurance that nothing bad will happen to you after you donate. I also helps this easy your families concerns too. I know it would ease mine. Most people don't know about this program. It is offered at UCSD my transplant center. Its like a donor donating into a paired exchange program. I'll go copy/paste the link. So you research on your own time. My Name is Margaret, I am 39 years old. I am on hemodialysis in center for the last 6 years. I have high antigens at 98% so I am very hard to match, making the wait very long for me for a cadaver kidney in California. I am a kidney patient advocate for my clinic and Network 18. I am on kidney chat groups on Facebook.

My email-

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your thoughts and being open and honest. It really helps lots of people.




Sorry for my spelling! I just re-read everything. I meant to say,... I hope this helps ease your families concerns... I know you care about your family, and you want to take care of them. Perfectly valid concerns. It is super scary for your family too! Especially if they are not educated on the in's and out's of kidney donation. They love you and don't want anything bad to happen to you. I completely understand. My own mother did not want my brother and sister to donate to me, because she didn't want anything bad to happen to them. She said, I can't have 2 kids on dialysis. Mom logic.... My sister said she can't donate to me because she would want to donate to her daughter, if anything were to ever happen to her. My other sister (who is adopted so not genetically bio-similar to me) said the same thing about one day having to donate to one of her twin boys. Granted all of their kids are perfectly healthy. These may seem silly excuses, all fear based, but very valid concerns. We really have no backup system if anything were to happen. Except now, the kidney registry system is a backup for just donors. They see it as, well that donor went out on a limb to help other people on dialysis, therefore they need to get rewarded if something happens to their one kidney down the road. It is all paid for, by the recipients insurance and Medicare. 100%, testing and aftercare too. As it should be. I just think that the more a person is educated about every detail, the more confident decision they will make. Remember it is all a choice. Up until they give you anesthesia they ask one more time. You can always back out no matter what. No questions asked, no guilt ever. We understand;)

I know of transplant patients and donors that now compete in tri-athalons! My previous kidney donor drove 5 hours home after his nephrectomy, it was laparoscopic, and after 1 days rest in the hospital he was up working his normal job in 2 days, age 56. He was my college buddy and we still wish each others kidney versary! Like you, he always wanted to donate his kidney, but didn't know to whom, until he met me in college and we worked on our senior project. He saved my life. It lasted several years in me. My body had complications to the medicines later, it could have been stopped, but the doctors didn't know at the time, and neither did I. Plus I had to move to San Diego right after transplant, so communication with doctors and pharmacists got lost in translation. Thats why I am back on dialysis the second time waiting 6 years for a transplant. My antigens are higher making it harder to match. It's all just science really. But despite my bad experiences, I am using my experiences, both good and bad to help other people learn, and to educate people on how to help themselves. I feel it is the right thing to do, and a good thing to do. For me, it helps makes things right. It's my part to contribute to society;)

Sorry this is a long response. Its important to explain, since kidney donation is so important to BOTH the donor and recipient. Knowledge is everything. I do hope this helps your decision;) Please check out the website, and you and your loved ones are welcome to ask me ANYTHING you want;)


Margaret Chruszch


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