NKF PEERS is a national, telephone-based peer support program provided by the National Kidney Foundation. NKF PEERS connects people who are looking support, and aims to help people adjust to living with chronic kidney disease, kidney failure, or a kidney transplant. Participants are connected through a toll-free and free-of-charge automated telephone system.

Visit us here to get more information on this service: kidney.org/patients/peers

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  • This is a great program that I am proud to be a part of! I have been able to speak with a couple of people so far and address their questions and concerns about the possibility of being living kidney donors. I HIGHLY encourage anyone considering living kidney donation to use the link above and talk with someone and get more information about it.

  • I am a NKF Peer Mentor. We want you to call us! Lots of great people waiting to hear from you.

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