Diabetes and dialysis

I am having a lot of trouble keeping my sugars in control since I started dialysis 4 months ago. I am hungry all the time so I am eating too much. My kidney doctor says its good to eat when you are on dialysis. The dietician at the center isn't concerned at all with my sugars. I have issues with eating properly especially on the days I have dialysis. Does anyone nhave this problem?

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  • Hello Ribbit60 and welcome to the NKF Kidney Dialysis Community! Diet and nutrition are very important in the treatment of kidney disease/failure, and for most it can be very difficult to manage. For helpful information about diet and nutrition please visit us at: kidney.org/nutrition/Dialysis.

  • I'm on Peritoneal and I'm not on a strict diet. I just have to drink an excessive amount of water, which is cool. I drink or what I think is an excessive amount of water. People are supposed to drink 32ozs a day and as long as I don't start retaining the water, I drink more than that. As long as your sugar isn't high, don't worry about it. Are you on oral meds or insulin?

    My dad was terrible at that. He was on Hemo and still ate what he wanted to, Kentucky Fried Chicken and tea or soda. He never ate what he was allowed/supposed to eat. Some of the food, majority of the food, I never liked it. I usually, if I eat at all, eat once a day. My albumin is always low. Thing will get better. The doctor has to do something different, make sure you tell him/her and say, something has got to change, today!!!!!

    Have an awesome day!!!!!!!

  • I am on insulin. I TRY REALLY HARD TO keep my sugar down, however my GP told me that my kidney disfunction has a lot to do with the sugar thing. I feel so much better since I joined this forum just several days ago. I believe that God led me to this place. Thanks and God bless!

  • Im not on insulin. The doctor took me off a year before I started dialysis. Then I got really ill. My BP was all screwed up at first and I didn't eat salt until I got sick and did a stint for a week in the hospital. Apparently, I had no salt in my body and my potassium was way too low. But now I'm a lot better, I'm just battling my albumin now. I can't seem to get to where it needs to be. And I'm shy one point away, have been for months. I've tried to eat more but I just don't quite make it. My goal is to eat 3 times a day, I'm doing good to eat once a day and even that is a stretch.

    I also suffer from White coat, which is when I go to a doctor's office, my BP goes way up.

    GOD did lead you to this forum as HE did me and everyone else, even if they won't admit it and that's okay. Have a wonderful restful slumber. Take care.... Good night!!!!!

  • Do you eat so little because dialysis makes you sick? I was told that either you get sick and don't eat or you are ravenous. Unfortunately I am the latter. My A1c was 8.1! The doctor didn't think that was bad at all. I am very frustrated and upset by this. How long have you been on dialysis?

  • No. Because I do Peritoneal, I have to make up the water that I pull off. By the time I do that, I'm full of water and I don't eat. That's why my albumin is low, actually, it is one point away from it been right. Your A1c should not be at a 8. Mine is 5.1, yours is too high. What would he be okay with that. The most it can be is 6, but it can't be 7 or higher. Get a second opinion...

    Take care!!!!!

  • I am on insulin too. A friend of mine who is a retired nurse asked me if A1c goals are different when you are on dialysis. Strange that I never thought to ask my doctor. Did your doctor give you a glucose range to aim for? I was doing so well before I started dialysis. My A1c was 5.9. Now it is 8.1.I am beside myself. I am so hungry all the time. My doctor says its good that I am eating more. The nurse told me yesterday that I gained weight and they had to adjust my dry weight. I am totally confused.

  • My weight fluxuate. My dry weight is 167, with fluid in, my weight 189....

  • Jjudy my reply is down further.

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