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I need to know the difference of GFR and non black GFR and what are normal numbers for each.

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Here is a link to National Kidney Foundation which may answer your question.

GFR Non-Black 50.3 mL/min So you are saying that it just means that I am not black? Strage way of doing things.

Here's a link to an article in today's Washington Post that may also help.

Excellent links presented in this thread. Some hospital systems are indeed dropping the racial (stereotyping) component in posting GFR lab numbers. Rightfully so.

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jwmetzger in reply to Darlenia

My nephrologist is from Ethiopia and he said something to the effect that that wasn't how it was supposed to be done. I had no idea what he was talking about.

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Darlenia in reply to jwmetzger

Sadly, it's been going on for too long. Glad your doctor is fully aware of lab reports that present outcomes (and then deny treatment) on that basis. Smart man.

It is based on statistical data available or compiled.

I am from India, in USA for 50 years.

I take average of two results.

It is NOT based on statistical data. It is institutional racism that delays treatment for black people. Google and you will find many medical journal and news articles.

Oh really. That is too bad.

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