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The right doc. makes a world of difference!

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I found out that I had CKD stage 3A a little over 2 months ago. I wrote on here and so many of you were really helpful and gave me great advice. Since then, I've been reading, reading, and reading some more. I have myself on a very kidney-friendly diet. Although it still keeps biting in the butt. One article will say "NO PEANUTS OR PEANUT BUTTER EVER' and another will say "Peanut butter makes a great alternative to meat"

Anyway, the only meat I eat now is white meat chicken made at home and put in a salad with things that are good for the kidneys. I sometimes eat the chicken on rye bread too.

Finally, I got to see a specialist. She was great. Very friendly and she explained everything to me. She went over all the meds I'm on and how they could be adding (or have caused) the decline of my kidney function and what I don't have to worry about right now at least.

She said my phosphorus levels are good so if I liked the peanut butter for lunch, not to worry. Then she told me there was something wrong that I've already forgotten but she wants me off all or almost all dairy. She told me that my liver enzymes were off as well as my kidney function. So, we are having that checked out. I have high triglycerides and was prescribed a statin. She said to stop that and told me to take Krill oil until we know what is causing the fat near my liver. I will also be adding sodium bicarb? something like that?

I do have diabetis2 and high bp (which is very controlled) but I also have a seizure disorder and there is a medicine I'm on "Keppra" I've been on it for 2 years. She said that this med. could be a big part of my problem. I'm on a very large dose of it and it is not kind to the kidneys. So, tomorrow I will be meeting with my new neurologist. (I'm new to the area I'm in). Mostly, she said there is nothing in my chart that she feels we can't tackle with great results.

It's so amazing how a doctor's attitude can make such a difference. The same appt. could've freaked me out more if it had been with a more neg. person. Thanks for reading.

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So glad to hear how things are going! I couldn’t agree more with you regarding what a difference an effective doctor makes... It is truly amazing!

Thanks for this update🐶


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You are so right. Thank you for taking the time to share your story with the community.

The right and most competent medical care is what we deserve; if a doctor is dismissive, doesn't listen to a patient, doesn't explain meds etc in plain terms and be willing to consult with the rest of your team, they are not worth having.

I know.

Stay safe and continue the kidney - friendly choices. The differences will come.

It's a process.


Very interesting post about your specialist. I presume she is an allopathic (traditional) medic eg nephrologist? Tbh I thought she may be a functional doctor before deciding probably not.In my opinion, the best advice she has provided is to stop various meds which have given you problems. By doing that, she has also exposed the main weakness of allopathic medicine and previous medics who prescribed those meds.

I think a key benefit of current renal treatment is that meds are limited with natural alternatives including diet and wellbeing at the forefront. That is how we manage my mum in stage 3 ckd. Her nephrologist's contributions over 4 yrs are:

1. Keep doing what you're doing.

2. Take statins (she's refused!).

So in summary, we'd love to share your specialist with you, for extra support!. As thats impossible, we'll continue on our similar, DIY path.

PS Maybe suggest cbd to your neurologist with it's common, successful use for seizures?

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I was told by my neurologist in Las Vegas (where I lived before) that CBD is great if medications aren't working but it can have not such great benefits when you are on meds that are working well. If I have to change meds it will be for another med. Because CBD is still relatively new I wouldn't want to depend on it. My seizures are something to behold... haha. No really, they are awful. I am pro CBD though. I will talk to my new neurologist.

On reflection, maybe my assumption that sharing your specialist is impossible is incorrect? Long shot but is she UK-based, NHS or private?Feel free to share by pm, if of interest.

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I'm in the states. I've lived all over this country right now I'm outside of Nashville. The big medical community is Vanderbilt. It takes forever to get an appt. with any specialist.

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I just left Vanderbilt when moving out of state. Never had waits in appointments but my nephrologist/professor made all my referrals and his name carried clout. Best of luck.

It is so refreshing to hear that you had a positive experience with your newDoctor. I am very happy for you! That is the least we can ask for when you

Are dealing with your health issues and just trying to live your best live.

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Yeah, ha. I have a few health issues. Hypothyroid, Diabetes, high blood pressure, and I'm an epileptic. All of these things are under control as of today. I'm 56 years old and 10 years ago I didn't have any of this except HBP because that is hereditary. I also found out I have a ton of arthritis all over my back. My life is without a doubt challenging. But I really love life. Especially now. I know none of us are gonna live forever and when my time comes it will come. But, I still feel good. A little sad when I think of all this. My meds make me so sleepy. I used to swim almost every day of the year. Now it's more of a chore. But I feel healthy and able. So, I'm gonna fight.

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That is so important to have a good Doctor who understands CKD and is getting you on the right path. Many only look at the eGFR and give no further support nor advice.

That was my whole point. This woman may not be a genius doctor. I have yet to find out. But she took the time to explain everything to me and that lets me feel empowered. Knowledge IS power. When I told her how overwhelmed I was she said "Of course you are, how could you not be?" She even let me bring my hubby in so things that I may forget he will remember and vise versa. To me, that is just as important as any other aspect of the medical experience.

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