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Hi everybody

I just joined this group and feel very comfortable knowing how members are supporting each other. What do you think is the optimum and average GFR for a person aged 60. Thank you.

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Hi and welcome,

There is no way to answer your questions as we are all different with our own underlying health issues.

The two leading causes of CKD are diabetes and high blood pressure. Some others have other health issues that have an adverse effect on the kidneys without being diabetic and/or hypertensive. In many cases, our kidneys do decline in function as we age.

I'm 68 and was diagnosed almost three years ago when my GFR was at 32. Since then, by following a kidney-friendly meal plan, exercising, and keeping my diabetes and high blood pressure under control I managed to raise my GFR to a one-time high of 65 and more importantly averaged 51 over the last three years.

Being proactive is one of the ways to deal with your health issues. Learn all you can and pay it forward to others.

Best of luck.

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Faqir in reply to Mr_Kidney

Thank you Mr_kidney

Great advice! 😊👍

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Dixidude39 in reply to Mr_Kidney

Mr. Kidney, you've been around the track "X" amount of times. So I assume you are familiar with DadviceTV. His advice seems sound to me. Your thoughts?

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Mr_Kidney in reply to Dixidude39

Just this morning I went around the track 10 times. With the schools closed, and the rain finally gone for the next week, the high school track is a great place to bike.

To answer your question I look at all information as just that, another source. If the information offered does no harm and provides the CKD patient with useful help and benefits, then I see no harm.

The only time I take exception with any source of information is when the source offers false hope and magic cures for folks with any chronic illness. As far as I can tell DadviceTV has not gone down that road and I'm always happy to hear success stories. For those of us who are not new to CKD, we have learned that there is no "one way" to slow the progression. If you find success, shout it out.

The same day I found out, officially, that I had CKD, I was told that my diabetes was under control and no longer needed any medications. However, when I went to the DaVita Kidney Smart class and learned about good kidney nutrition, the foods I had been eating that helped me lose 146 pounds and were not exactly good for someone with CKD Stage 3. By meeting with a nephrologist and an RD, I switched to a kidney-friendly meal plan. My high blood pressure is under control and my GFR went from 32 to 65 and has averaged 51 over three years. I stick to my meal plan, exercise regularly, watch all medications, stay hydrated, and continue to stay informed. That was/is my path. Others with similar health issues have also been successful by following a different path and for them it works.

If you follow a different path and it works for you by holding your numbers steady or even improving them, then that's a success for you.

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Aidancree in reply to Mr_Kidney

Thank you Mr_Kidney,

Where is my best source for a kidney friendly diet?


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Mr_Kidney in reply to Aidancree

There are several places to go for a kidney-friendly meal plan. I mentioned in my original post on June 16th, to use the DaVita website and look at their recipes. Another place, I recently posted is

The purpose of bringing your lab reports with you when you meet the RD is to allow them to design your specific needs/wants to be based on what your numbers are.

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Bet117NKF Ambassador

Hi Faqir,

Welcome ! You have come to a wonderful community filled with knowledgeable and incredibly supportive people!

In regard to your question, I tend to agree with Mr._Kidney.

Each person is different with different medical issues. What might be normal for one, may not be for another.

My thoughts, print out your labs once they are posted on your patient site and either bring them to your doctor's appointment or give your doctor a call ( or schedule a virtual appointment) and discuss them with him/ her.

Many factors influence your creatinine and GFR levels such as underlying kidney issues, diabetes, hydration, exercise etc.

There is a superfluous amount of information available to read on this issue, but be it 60 or 80 the bottom line is individual health.

Honestly, your doctor is the best line of communication as to where you are as not all internet sources are reliable.

Check in with him/ her and please reach out to us again for discussion. We will always reach back.

Stay safe and positive during this uncertain time.


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Sammi_n_Munk in reply to Bet117

Awesome advice as always, Bet! 😊👍👍

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Bet117NKF Ambassador in reply to Sammi_n_Munk

Thanks for the kudos, Sammi.

Stay safe and do something relaxing this weekend!


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Sammi_n_Munk in reply to Bet117

Will do. You as well! Have a great weekend! 🌳⛱🦋😊

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Bet117NKF Ambassador in reply to Sammi_n_Munk


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