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I have had bad kidneys for a while stage 3 and for years I would see my kidney doctor once a year for follow up appts. I recently had lung cancer and had to have some chemo which made my kidney worse My Creatine was always high but stable and same thing with my GFR until my last 24 urine test and blood test so the doctor told me to come to talk and she told me that I should start thinking about dialysis that my kidney will only get worse so they went over the two types of machines and just getting over the lung cancer and chemo and now this

I lost a lot weight and lost my appetite but chemo can do that and I just started feeling better until now I have been so depressed I live alone and I don't want dialysis that's no life so I ordered herbal medicine from Amazon like Kidney Restore and another type of pill and read the comments people made and then someone suggested parsley tea and said that helps detox your kidneys too. So I don't know what else to do I change my diet now also try to eat the right foods I see the doctor in three months

Has anyone else tried any of the herbal medicines or the tea and what results did you get. My doctor scared me I just need some help and advice

Thank you so much

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You should always follow up with your doctor when trying to take a new supplement. Just because someone says something nice about the “Kidney Restore” pills does not mean that the effect they had will happen to you too. Detoxing your kidneys when they’re not doing so hot is something you and your doctor should talk about. I see that you are scared, but ALWAYS REMEMBER - There is no such thing as a stupid question!! So ask away! Sit down when you have the chance where you’re clam and you’re able to collect your thoughts then write down a list of questions you want to ask your doctor. If you feel like dialysis is going to help your GFR and creatinine, then start talking to your doctor as soon as you possibly can. It’s a pretty big deal so really think about it. It’s scary and you’ll feel trapped, but you can always find someone on this app who will be more than willing to talk to you.. including me! & maybe you should clearly express to your doctor that thinking about dialysis makes you feel anxious. Usually talking and making a plan will help you feel more comfortable with the idea. Best of luck -

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thank you

Check out Natural Kidney Journey--they may be what you are looking for, rather than something without data regarding results.

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thank you I will

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Hi Poopsie,

You have been through a lot and it is totally understandable to be overwhelmed.

I do not recommend you take ANY supplement. They promise the world...but if they really cured CKD, they would be on every shelf and in every patient. Your body has just gone through chemo which raises havoc. The body needs to recover and I bet it will. My doctor told me last year to "prepare for dialysis" But I changed my diet and I was able to stabilize my kidney function and improve my other lab results. I would ask to see a renal dietician who can tailor a menu and diet plan just for you. there are a lot of diets and information out there but it is best you go to someone who can look at your medical history and plan accordingly.

Let us know what stage you are and if you want tell us about your GFR and other labs. I am stage 4 and have been for almost two years now.

Along with this community, there is a peer mentor program designed for Kidney patients. It is a place to have a mentor assigned to you who will be there for you specifically with your questions and support. We do not replace your medical team, but are patients who are trained to listen and be supportive....because we walk the walk.

It is free and they will match you with someone who has similar issues. It is really a nice thing to do and know someone is in your corner.

Here is the number 855-653-7337 and here is the website to sign up

Thank you so much you gave me some hope that what I am trying to do is keeping every thing stable and improve my diet I believe I am stage 4 on my blood test creatine was 1.63 and GFR was 30 but the 24 urine the doctor said GFR it was 21 and that it will only get worse so it best to prepare for dialysis so of course I was and am scared to breathe Thank you again I will definitely check the website out

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Caringly and well said..😊

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There are more than 2 machines to choose from. Check out Its great. and they have a great book called "Help! I Need Dialysis" They are great resources. I've been on dialysis over 17 years, chronic kidney disease over 40 years and still learning.


Which machine are you on?

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There is a Braun, Fresenius H,K, baby K, NxStage and More. For PD there is a Liberty, Baxter and a couple others I'm unfamiliar with.

I have used the Fresenius H, K, baby K and now NxStage. I try to patiently wait for approval of another machine to get off this NxStage. Blessings

I tried herbal medicine for 4 years nope nothing is helping I bought everything you could imagine tried every possible tea no it's just getting worse unfortunately dialysis is the only option before transplent you can get to feel little better 😢

Hi, I do a lot of herbal things and vitamins. I have been end stage for over 4 years now. I ordered a program called the kidney disease solution by Duncan Capicchiano. It told me what supplements to take for my particular disease which is PKD. I also drink nettle tea and take Chitosan to lower creatinine. There are some that say discuss with your doctor before starting but I didn’t. I started it right away and have avoided dialysis for over 4 years. Some doctors just follow a protocol and never think outside the box. I’m an outside the box thinker so I do my research and I decide what I’m going to do. Hope this helps you. It is a depressing disease. Prayers for you. God can do anything 😀

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God is good Right now I am drinking parsley and burdock tea I bought ginger capsules and nettle tea turmeric too if it can postpone the dialysis that is what I want same thing with kidney restore I started taking I just want to wait as long as I can I have to try I have had bad kidneys I live in the 70's so did damage and for years I would see the kidney doctor once a year and creatine was always high but stable and no problem till after the chemo and then now I have to see her every 3 months so I have to try thank you for your reply

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Hi Bunkin and anyone who knows,

I have been trying to discover the amount of potassium in a cup of nettle tea and I cannot find anything on it. Do you know if the tea is high in potassium? I know the actually cooked nettles is.

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I read 297!of potassium in 1 cup on skipthepie

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thanks, I think that is for eating them whole and cooked. I know they are high in Vit K

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They have many benefits

Hi Bunkin so I read that you ordered a program from Duncan Capicchiano. Did it help you at all?? And where did u order it from?? Like what website did you order it from?? And what all did you use or do?? Or what kind of diet are you on?? Because I really need help I’m on stage 4 kidney disease & my doctors really want me to start dialysis already but I really don’t want to. Please help a sista out thank you..

Ignore that link. It doesn’t work on here. Look up Duncan Capicchiano the kidney disease solution. It’s 6$. 00 and well worth it. I believe it has kept me off dialysis almost 5 years now. I will probably be starting dialysis this month but this program definitely slowed things down. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more help

I completely understand. I drink nettle tea everyday. I’ve tried many different things. I’ve never been one to just sit back and let the doctor treat me with just his protocol list. I’ll keep trying 😀

i would not try herbal or alternative treatments before speaking to a good trusted nephrologist or at least a trusted md. i have heard of many people who have gotten much worse using medications that are unproven to be safe. lets face it any medication we put in our bodies is in some way toxic. but lets go with those that have some proven benefit in the long term.

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