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Drop in GFR

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Hello. I am in stage 3ckd with iga Nephropathy. My GFr was at 30 and I have Been taking lisinopril and no longer taking blood pressure medication. My GFR has dropped to 26 in a month. I am wondering if it could be the lisinopril affecting my GFR. Has anyone been in the same boat?

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BassetmommerNKF Ambassador

HI Kayla,

Although keeping your blood pressure down is extremely important to kidney health, there are many things that can cause a decrease in GFR. It can be as simple as you were more dehydrated when you did the lab draw. However, if your bp has increased, I would think you would want to go back on bp meds. A GFR is not the tell all of kidney disease either. It is a ratio and just having a birthday can change the figure. Talk with your doctor and look at the whole picture including creatinine and other lab results.

so true.....i have noticed that if i havent slept well the night before.....which is common in ckd....my labs will always show worse....then i get some rest..take labs again and they improve

Why did you stop taking BP medicine ?

Who prescribed lisinopril and when did you start ?

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Kayla28 in reply to Fatbuddy

My nephrologist precribed me lisinopril with blood pressure medication. My blood pressure was dropping to a very low level so advised me to stop the BP and continue with lisinopril

mine is 33, down from 60 a year ago. I quit taking lisinopril 4 days ago per my GP. We redoing bloodwork to see if there is a positive change. He switched me to Amlodipine 5mg. I'm stunned

My gfr was 94 2 years ago. I guess high BP (before BP meds) and taking inflammatory drugs damaged my kidneys.

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Kayla28 in reply to bavantjr255

I hope there is some positive changes for you. I see my nephrologist next week

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Fatbuddy in reply to bavantjr255

you mean your gfr dropped to 33 ??side effect of what medicine ?

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bavantjr255 in reply to Fatbuddy

this is all new for me. not sure what is causing the drop in gfr. my gfr was 94 two years ago. it's at 33 currently. creatinine level is 2.7 up from 1.1. my GP has taken me off lisinopril and switched to amlodipine 5mg. I'm seeing a Nephrologist in 3 weeks and getting an ultrasound. I'm 59. I had untreated high BP for a year and took a heavy round of inflammatory meds for 6 weeks- all during the past 2 years. I guess it's damaged my kidneys. I'll know soon enough

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Kayla28 in reply to bavantjr255

Please keep us updated. My creatinine went up and all other test are going down. Beginning to think lisinopril might be the problem.

Hi Kayla28, yes, Lisinopril can cause a slight drop such as yours according to my nephrologist. I have IGAN as well and mine dropped as well about 5 points, however it fluctuates from there another 10 points going up and down. Lots of things can cause it to drop periodically such as illness, stress, dehydration etc.

If you have proteinuria, it is one of the best meds to control it along with controlling your bp. If your bp has stabilized and you have proteinuria, you might want to discuss with your doctor about taking very low doses of lisinopril. I take 1.25 mg and it controls my protein and bp.

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Kayla28 in reply to Zazzel

Thank you for your reply. I do have proteinuria with stabalized BP so i will talk to her about it.

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Fatbuddy in reply to Zazzel

It is NOT a slight drop- she dropped hers from 94 to 60 and then 33in two years ??

That's why I do NOT take lisinopril- even though my GP asked me to take 5 or 8 yaers ago-

My eGFR is 91 -

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Zazzel in reply to Fatbuddy

Fat buddy, I was responding toKayla who said her GFR went fro 30 to 26 in a month. 4 points. You are speaking to bavantjr. A few different conversations going on. Certainly any drop is alarming, but a 4 point variation could be caused by a number of things and might go back up the next test. It might be the Lisinopril and it might not. Also depends on the dosage. Using the lowest possible dosage is advised.

Proteinuria is dangerous and needs to be controlled and Lisinopril works for many of us to control it. Note I said in VERY SMALL doses. Certainly everyone is different and needs to discuss it with their doctor and decide for themselves. Blood tests need to be done on a regular basis to make sure there is not a steady decline.

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WYOAnneNKF Ambassador

The very most important thing is to keep your blood pressure under good control. High BP can damage your kidneys more and also scar your heart and leave you prime for a heart attack or stroke

Don't forget that we are all different. A medication that works for me, may not work at all for you and vice versa. DO NOT stop taking BP medication until you discuss with your nephrologist. Don't forget too, that there are a number of things that can make your GFR drop. My creatinine and GFR can change a lot because I didn't drink enough the day before I had my labs done. Remember eGFR is only an estimate of your kidneys filtration.

i have take Losartan with a duretic for years...my neph recently cut that dose in half and added Doxasozin 2 mg. before bedtime....my blood pressures stay nice and low ...118/84....and i SLEEP awesome !!.....Doxasozin reduces blood pressures but it also aids in reducing Creatinine.....my gfr is 16...i am curious to see if it makes a difference in my next labs.....read up on Doxasozin and see if your neph thinks it might help

I will thank you and i am glad your are able to sleepane BP is in control. Please keep me updated

I had my labs done yesterday...my Creatitine went down from 3.1 to 2.3....my Gfr increased from 16 to 21...still bad...but an improvement....its only been 3 weeks...so I will continue to see what my next labs read

That is actually great news! Thanks for the update. Any increase is good improvement. My creatinine keeps increasing I am thinking it may be the lisinopril.

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Lisinopril is a blood pressure medication that contains a diuretic. If you are concerned about the drop in GFR you should definitely speak to your doctor.

Well I would have my doctor check my potassium level. Lisinopril in Stage 4 or 5 can cause potassium to build up and is a potassium sparring diuretic and ACE inhibitor. I hope you are cutting back on potassium in your diet. I eat under 1500 mg daily. A medium potato has 900 mg and medium fries 677 mg. So I wish you luck and hope you ask your doctor these questions.

My wife’s oncologist has her drinking a glass of lemonade daily. It has improved GFR...

I have read that Lemon is a great anti-toxin...I eat a slice of lemon every morning and then rinse my mouth so it doesn't damage the enamel on my teeth...also I eat a handful of fresh blueberries...

Just never order water with lemon at restaurants. You don’t know where the hands of the person who cut the lemon. Example: if they have cuts on hands or such it can get into the lemon. Lemons collect Bacteria. Then it goes into your water.

well...thats true with all the food you ordered....

Food is cooked... Lemons are not...

salad isnt...nor bread...but i get your point..eating in a resturant is trust issue to begin with

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