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Are parents lovingly killing their children? For more info visit: apnafitness.com

Are parents lovingly killing their children?

Teen obesity is on the increase. Thanks to parents’ irresponsibility, sadly.

And thanks to technology advancements. Technology is supposed to make our life convenient and enjoyable; but not at the cost of our health. Let us explain how:

1.Technology has given us fast moving vehicles.

2.Technology has given us Elevators and Escalators.

3.Technology has given us good entertainment in the form of TV’s, Music systems, Computers, Video Games etc.

4.Technology has also given us the facility of advanced medical treatments.

The first three technologies lead us to the fourth technology.

Why and How?

One common thing with the first two technologies is that our physical activity is replaced by them. With the third technology, we are deprived of the time for physical activity.

Well, there is nothing wrong with these technologies. The only thing is that we use these technologies without responsibility. For many, these technologies are their life. That’s why they take their life.

Let’s use the fourth technology sparingly.

Health and Fitness is all about Nutrition and Physical Activity, among other things.

70% is nutrition and 30% is physical activity.

We should eat well, because our body needs fuel to support the energy requirements of our daily chores. But that well is unfortunately becoming too much and the excess food is converted into FAT, due to lack of physical activity. (Read Technologies 1 to 3).

Physical activity is a biological need, just like sleeping and eating. Ignore sleeping. You know what happens. Ignore eating. You know what happens. Ignore physical activity. Do you know what happens? This ignorance is certainly not bliss. It is in fact misery, depression, gloom, sorrow, distress, agony, despondency, despair, heartache, anguish, woe, suffering, torture, pain, sadness, hardship, adversity, upheaval, tragedy, shambles, disgrace, mockery…

Our children are our future. Give them LIFE. Give them SPARK. Not FAT.

Let our children SHINE. Fed them well (not junk food), Exercise them well. Be a responsible parent; not an emotional parent.

In today’s society, about 25% of our teens are obese, and growing at an alarming rate. This leads to life taking health problems later in life. Because children are obese or becoming obese, it does not mean that we should put them on low-calorie/fat diets. In fact, during this growth period, children need a lot of calories for them to get on right. Side by side, you should encourage them to get into sports and fitness. “Feed-them-calories-and–burn-those-calories” should be the right approach. If parents are in good shape, the children are more likely to follow suit.

Like charity, FITNESS begins at home.

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