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day 3 - of diet chef

Yesterday I had a comment that someone said they didn't believe in paying for weight loss, and that's fine, everyone has their opinions and I respect that. Today I had another really good day foodwise, loved the apple and cinnamon granola for brekkie, and even though I got home from work at 8pm had a really nice dinner of hotpot and veggies.. I still can't exercise at the mo, my physio reckons another 4 weeks before I can use my treadmill, but less weight will definitely help. I feel really optimistic that I've found something that does all of the hard work for me...and again I know it's horses for courses, and I do love to cook but overeating has got me to this weight ,so learning portion control and getting used to small but satisfying portions would be a real step forward.

I hope that everyone is having a good week.. im off to Poland for work on wed night, so that will be 2 days of meat and veg but i'm feeling really motivated... and really positive, as i'm fed up with being fat...not looking nice in my clothes and feeling pretty rubbish about myself :) i'm going diving on the 20th July, so I have 9 weeks to get fitter...and a bit leaner...as having to put a wet suit on .... well need I say more :) hope everyone else is having a good week.

take care


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You are so right! there are lots of options and its finding one that works for you - I too struggle with portion sizes and making heathy choices when eating out


personally Im trying out herbalife and for me its working and Im actually paying less out for that than I am for my normal shopping bill, which is very healthy I might add, I dont hold extra weight because I eat junk more I dont eat enough and often enough for my body to maintain a healthy metabolism combined with IBS, and depending on where you live can affect your food bill, if you live near a lidl you can get a bag of fruit twice as fresh at half the price of tescos, same goes for many foods, then if your only local supermarkets are sainsburys you can add pennies on !!!! local convenience stores corner shops depending where you live can all affect your grocery bills. if you can find something that fits in with your life that tastes good is healthy and balanced then go for it, although i would say if you find a recipe you enjoy copy it buy the ingredients try making it yourself in bulk and freezing it, when I was single with no kids it was so much easier to manage my freezer, now because there are 5 of us in the house theres not much room for tupperware tubs for all the bags of fresh chicken and seafood lol

good luck with the diet chef :)


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