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Starting on Monday!!

i did the Dukan diet and lost some weight but i got bored by it and even though i am not a big carbohydrates fan , i did miss eating them . i decided to start something different that is more healthy and came upon this healthy way of eating which i hope i ll stick to it !! wish me luck !!

i hope this is the start of something positive and i ll reach my goal weight which is a lot to be honest !! :)

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Good luck. I have also tried a few diets before. My experience with the 12 week plan is that it's not just about loosing weight its also or primarily about changing eating habits.


Thank you and good luck to you too and hope that our eating habits will change . the sun is out so it will probably give us that boost to it healthy and lighter !!


well after all this time i had a mix diet ; healthy and a giant piece of cake!! had friend visiting and we were eating out every day ! the food ordered was quiet healthy but she wanted to try cupcakes(not very popular in paris) so i had to give her a taste ;) , my problem is the red velvet cake and i couldn't resist . my clothes haven't felt tight or anything as we did walk a lot !! now i regret that red velvet cake !! lolll


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