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Reset to Week 1 - Wii fit says I lost 2 LBs

Easter we had visitors, the week after OH had a knee operation so working all day, hospital visiting at night played havoc with eating/exercising. OH now home on sticks so still a bit difficult to concentrate on this. Plus mega disaster with car on Friday, breakdown on dual carriageway - pretty scary, luckily 3 police cars and a recovery van later no harm done but didn't get to the scales in Boots and needed a stiff drink when I got home! -need to get another car now so the stress isn't about to let up any time soon.

Re-read the plan, printed it out and put into file so I can refer to it any time, has helped this week as able to write everything down. (two takeaways and fish and chips offset by mega drive on less alcohol, hoping next week will be a bit less eventful, I could live with less excitement for a week or two .!

Best of luck to anyone else who has found life has a habit of biting you on the bum!

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Sorry to hear about your eventful time since Easter. Stress does make sticking to the plan a lot more difficult. Hope thing will work out for you soon and good luck with getting back to healthy eating habits.


thanks for the support, hopefully this week will be better


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