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Operation Dress

So far the week has gone ok:

Mon- +16cals, treadmill

Tues- +102 cals

Wed- +65 cals, 2/3 of treadmill workout

Thurs- + 460 cals, trialled the kettlebell!

Doesn't look the best but I've burned 787 cals running on the treadmill so this will compensate for when I've gone over my calorie count. Just hoping i don't spoil it this weekend. I'm going to go out for a meal this evening. Hoping to be good on the food front but I am planning to have a few drinks. LO is staying out for the first time so hoping for a relaxing, enjoyable evening. I know! i shouldn't need alcohol to enjoy myself. however, I've been pregnant, breast fed for best part of 8 months so think i deserve to go out and not think too much about how much drink I'm having. that said I'll prob stick to spritzers. Looks like my calorie count is already going to be over for today. I'll have to reign it back in on sat and sun.

Good luck to everyone over the weekend. I WILL fit that dress.

Happy healthy eating (perhaps with the odd indulgence-oops!)

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Hi, you seem to be on the right track even if you slip up sometimes, we are all human.

I have had a terrible week (too many nights out with drinks) when alcohol is involved my willpower goes straight out the window. I am thinking of going back to SW on Tuesday as knowing someone is going to weigh me seems to help me although when I have had a bad week I am usually tempted not to (not a good move).

My BIG problem is that I am now saying to myself I can be "naughty" until Tuesday (Why do I do that?????????)

Anyway, enough of my rambling, have a good week and remember that dress xx


Good for you - I went out this morning on my third week of running (that is an exaggeration to say the least - more like walking fast) But I was out for an hour and was pretty hot and sweaty. I know I have a busy (euphimism for eating too much)weekend - so figured I would bank some calorie deficit now. Whether it works of not - i have to wait til monday to find out.

I to0 am on operation dress - but think i have a bit longer than you - but I am determinded to weigh less next week.

I enjoy using a kettle ball - does strengh and cardio at the same time.

Best of luck


Not bad at all! And those 'overages' on the calories are so marginal, you'll still see good results, even if you do indulge in a few drinks over the weekend. Stick with the exercise and don't worry overly much about yesterday's slips.


Complete overeat/drink!

Yesterday's indulgence has resulted in a calorie count of 2608! Way over my 1200 target. Over 900 of these calories were in wine, will perhaps stick with vodka next time. On the plus side if I divide these calories over the week then I'm averaging around 1400 per day which is what this site recommends.

However, back on the plan today.

Hope everyone else is doing well with the weekend.


Hee hee! I didn't count on Friday night, or yesterday actually! And going out for lunch today so not much hope there either!! That being said, I was -3lb on Saturday morning, so if I can keep up the good work in the week and occasionally have a weekend blow out and I still lose weight, I win!

Hope you had a good night!


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