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Week 2-Friday weigh in-a deserved measly half pound lost

So there we are end of week 2 and a measly half pound lost. Was feeling grumpy with myself as had great loss last week (3 pounds)-but had knock out weekend. But aussieblues commented on the general trend downwards-so I am going with that -it is a sunny day I want to smile and be pleased with life. I am going out right now to do week 3 of c25k-to get that exercise quota in and I have begun to quite enjoy it.

i am aiming for a modest 2 pound loss next week. Have a happy week everyone.

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Hope you have a good run..at least the wind has dropped for you!

Be positive..any loss is great, no matter how small! :)

Good luck for next week.


yep yep - back from my run - feeling very pleased with myself. As you say any loss is a good one. just need to concentrate on not undoing all the hard work over the weekend.

best of luck to you too


Well done you, thats almost 2 bags of sugar (I'm over 50, I think of sugar in terms of 2lbs per bag).

Keep up the good work xx


Hi Suzybenj,

I agree with the others any weight-loss is a really great. Today sitting on the side was a packet of Turkish delight biscuits I looked inside and there was two left in the packet, I reached in taking one out, then thought about how hard I have been working-out at the gym, so I can loose weight, In the end I put the biscuit back. Maybe this sort of thinking will work for you.


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