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Think positive

Well like most people started really strictly, then Easter and co was an excuse but extremely happy that instead of taking weeks to get head around behaving it was just a week so not too much damage done :-) as long as I have more good weeks than not so good then the trend will be a loss. I allow myself one treat day, but that is it, not the weekend which can become fri to sun and three days lol. So stay positive remember little slip ups are just that and don't use them as excuse to give in. I've tried so many diets and I know no one is expecting me to stay on this one, lose weight and keep it off....... But doesn't matter as most important person this time knows I can do it..... Me!

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I couldnt agree more. This is not all or nothing, so long as the overall trend is downward the odd "detour" is acceptable, so long as it does not become an excuse to give up and eat everything in sight.

I didnt get overweight in a few months and i cant expect to lose it in a few months either.

I have managed to continue to lose weight through holidays, christmas, birthday etc all those times when it is really easy to let it slid.

So yes like you, the most important person in this is me, i have found what works for me and i am really quite proud of myself :) good luck to you.


I totally agree with your comment. It is the overall change to your lifestyle that matters not being perfect every single day :) Glad you managed to get back on track. I am sure you can do it!

I have been working at loosing weight since the middle of January this year and I think I finally realise that this is a forever change to my attitude to diet and exercise not a quick fix! To be realistic that I can keep this up long term, I have come to terms with the fact that it is not possible for me to stick to the calorie target every single day. There will always be parties, weekend away with friends, etc. My attitude is that it is OK to have the odd day here or there where my calorie total is a bit above target - obviously not completely throwing healthy eating out the window!

My approach has been working for me well so far with 12kg lost. As long as I make it to a healthy weight some time this year I will be happy. As so many others on this site have said it took me years to put this weight on, so there is no way I will loose it in a couple of months.


Love the positivity.


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