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What do you do,when you look in the mirror and see a new mound of fat on your bum but are too fed up to get out of your own way?

I've had a hard time recently. My husband is going through a severe bout of depression, which is new to us as a couple and I am really taking most of it on the chin, along with trying to get through to someone, who keeps telling me there's nothing wrong with him.

Also, I've had a serious cancer scare, which because of the above, I'm going through on my own and saying something is just not an option. I'm just plain tired and I'm eating my way through the hurt and fear with copius amounts of sweet stuff and rubbish.

I know my answer should be leave it for now and start later on but this mound will just get bigger, will be even harder to tackle then and I really don't like my clothes not fitting properly, being out of breath and cheesed off.

I'm not sure if this is a question or a rant but I need to do something just to help myself feel better so all suggestions are welcome.


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I know it must be really hard for you right now but eating sweet stuff and rubbish only makes you feel even more tired, therefore, feeling even worse about yourself if that's possible.

You need time for yourself.................think about what you really want!

The winter really got me down and I just took a moment to think what I wanted. I decided that if I can't or won't control what I eat..........I don't mind admitting that I like my food! So I decided that I would exercise more to try and bring it under control. I'm happy to say it's working, in 6 weeks I have lost about half a stone.

Good luck and hope this helps give you something to think about


Kay, keep writing your blog, I know from bitter experience that not talking about what is worrying one is a very destructive thing. I also know too that being steeped in such an overwhelming situation is horrendous, isolating and terrifying. I would say build a tiny (non-food) treat into every day just for you as a means of buying time-out from worries: a cup of coffee when you know you won't be interrupted, a five minute read of a newspaper when you know you can finish reading it, even if it means waiting till everybody has gone to sleep and it is just you and your restorative me-time. A treat could also mean not having that biscuit you reached for - that will give you a taste for control.

I'll not go deeper into what I went through but my weightloss journey started at a time when I felt totally overwhelmed with what was going on around me: and I felt I was being swept from side to side by events and totally unable to do anything about it. The day I made the decision that I could at least control what I eat, that was the day I started feeling that maybe I can get through things. And I did. And no, life is not like a holywood movie where suddenly everything gets better but what happens is that you gather tools to cope and deal with issues and that makes you stronger.



I've been lucky and not had the strong feelings that you are all talking about. Although I have, in the past, felt down at times. It makes weight loss sound secondary although obviously important too. I agree, getting some time out to yourself is prob the best idea. How about a walk. Don't think of it as exercise as this can be off putting just getting outside where there are trees/bushes or a beach or sit and take in the view and fresh air.

Hope you're feeling a little better soon.


Hi chay,

Actually, I would leave it for the moment!

I mean you could start reducing down the more calorific foods, e.g. the creamy, fatty, sweet, things and you could also start looking at your eating habits, especially portion size.

However, stress changes the hormones in your body and can result in reduced fat burn, so if you do launch into a weight loss plan while you're under a lot of stress, it might not be all that successful.

On the other hand, from the view of changing eating and exercise/activity habits, as the old song says, today is the first day of the rest of your life, so some sort of pre-weight loss plan work might help you for when you do start. If nothing else it might stop you putting on more weight.


Thanks for your help everyone.


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